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VoteTrac: L.D. 1019, the proposed state budget for fiscal years 2016-2017

Maine lawmakers approved a new two-year, $6.7 billion budget proposal early Wednesday that would provide $135.4 million in tax cuts by 2017 and would also make changes to welfare programs and nursing home funding. Governor LePage subsequently issued 64 line-item vetoes of the budget's spending initiatives, forcing lawmakers to make a series of final votes with two-thirds majorities in both chambers by July 1 in order to avert a state government shutdown.

On Thursday night, lawmakers in the House voted 126 times to override those vetoes; lawmakers in the Senate are expected to take up the vetoes Friday.
Maine Legislature passes $6.7 billion state budget, June 16
Maine House votes to override all 64 LePage vetoes on budget, June 19


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This interactive was updated at 5 p.m. Thursday, June 18 to correct the results of the Senate vote. A previous version displayed the Senate's 34-1 vote for engrossment, and the current version displays the results of the final 31-4 vote for passage.