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Waynflete School
360 Spring St., Portland |

Graduation day: June 8, 2012
at the Fore River Fields

Graduation information provided by the high school

    Cum Laude Society

    Christopher W. Burke is the son of William and Karen Burke of Cape Elizabeth. Chris has been a member of the Community Service Activity, has served as a Lead Admission Guide, and was selected to be part of the national advocacy program Natural Helpers, in recognition of his many volunteer contributions. He has volunteered for Project Story Boost as well as in the Lower School at Waynflete, and he participated in a Safe Passage summer service trip to Guatemala. He received a Community Service recognition. Chris is a two-season varsity athlete, playing as captain of both the Basketball and Lacrosse teams. He was named Basketball Senior All-Star, qualified for the All-Academic team, and received the Waynflete Sportsmanship Award. He plans to attend Haverford College.

    Samuel Hansen is the son of Moritz Hansen and Suzanne Fox of Falmouth. A Waynflete Scholar for four years, Sam has participated in the Model United Nations each year of Upper School, earning multiple recognitions and awards over the years including the Diplomacy Award and the Model United Nations Activity Leader, and he has been a member of Mock Trial for three years. Sam is the recipient of Josephine Detmer History award, and a Literary/Cultural Appreciation award. He has also excelled in the area of Chinese studies, receiving recognitions including the National Security Language Initiative Scholar, the Louise Stoddard Language Scholarship, and third place in the Maine State World-Quest Competition. In addition to his studies, Sam is a first-place qualifier for the Junior Olympics in fencing, and has won numerous awards for jazz drumming, including the Berklee College of Music Outstanding Musicianship Award, the Berklee Judges' Choice Award, and he's been part of the Maine All-State Jazz Combo and Big Band. Sam plans to attend Stanford University.

    Dian (Riful) Li came to Waynflete from China in the fall of 2010 to complete her high school career. She has earned Honors and has been on the Science Olympiad team, and has been a member of the Waynflete Environmental Awareness group.. She was an actor in Waynflete's production of The Tempest, and was a key planning member of the School's Chinese New Year celebration in 2011. Riful has volunteered with the Buddy Lunch program, and in a local soup kitchen. She has played on the Junior Varsity Girls Basketball team. In China, Riful was active in her school's Chinese Culture Club, the Animation, Comics, and Game Club, the Environmental Protection Group, and a Radio Broadcast club. She has been active in theater productions and has won numerous Costume Play Competition awards. Riful will attend Boston College.

    Hanae Miyake is the daughter of Masahiko and Chieko Miyake of Freeport. She has been an Honors student for three years, and has received a Community Service recognition. Hanae has participated in Safe Passage, Global Spotlight, the Steel Band, and the Senior Slide Show. She has played Junior Varsity, and occasionally Varsity, Girls' Basketball, she has been on the Tennis team for three years, and has participated in the Cross Country team. Hanae participated in Sustainable Ocean Studies in 2010, and volunteered with Habitat for Humanity for Outdoor Experience. Hanae plans to attend Smith College.

    Katherine Nelligan is the daughter of David and Julia Nelligan of Standish. Katy has achieved Honors and High Honors during her Upper School years, she has participated in Science Olympiad, as well as Sustainable Ocean Studies. She has received the award for Linguistic Excellence. Katy is a member of the Crew team and plays piano and trumpet in the Jazz Band, and has competed in the Berklee High School Jazz festival. She is a member of Safe Passage. Katy will attend the University of Vermont.

    Hilary Niles is the daughter of Benjamin and Anne Niles of South Freeport. Hilary has been a Waynflete Scholar, a member of Science Olympiad for two years, and an Admission Guide. She is the recipient of Margaret Chenery Mathematics award, and a Community Service recognition. She has been a co-leader of the Community Service Activity and volunteered with Project Story Boost. Hilary has also pursued athletics during her school years, including the Varsity Nordic Ski team, Varsity Crew, Varsity Soccer, and Junior Varsity Lacrosse. She is captain of the Varsity Tennis team, which captured the Class C State Championship in 2011. Hilary will attend Middlebury College.

    Chloë Rowse is the daughter of Robert Rowse and Colette Twigg-Rowse of Falmouth. Chloë has achieved Honors and High Honors at Waynflete. She has participated in Safe Passage, Global Spotlight, Circle of Women, and the Knitting Club, and she has received a Community Service recognition. She plays ultimate frisbee, and is captain of the Nordic Skiing team, and has received the Most Valuable Player award for skiing as well as the Players Award. Chloë has also played Lacrosse and run Cross Country. Each summer Chloë has run a very successful day camp she founded four years ago. She plans to attend Colorado College.

    Nellie Semmes is the daughter of Benedict and Elonide Semmes of South Portland. She has been a Waynflete Scholar all four years in the Upper School. Nellie is the recipient of the Vergn Hewes Science award and the Barbara Freeman Literary Scholarship. She has participated in Chorus, the Community Service Activity, and Project Story Boost, and she received a Community Service recognition. She has been a member of Model UN, and was awarded Distinguished Delegate at the Harvard Conference and the Diplomacy Award and Best Delegation awards at the state level. Nellie is a member of the Current Events club, Student Government, Mock Trial, and Science Olympiad, winning first place last year for Experimental Design. She has participated in Chorus, the Community Service Activity, and Project Story Boost. Nellie will attend the Tulane University Honors Program.

    Peter Stein is the son of Robert Stein and Susan Stein, both of Portland. Peter is a Waynflete Scholar, and has achieved Honors and High Honors. He has received the Vergn Hewes Science award, and a Community Service recognition. He is a member of Science Olympiad and the Science Bowl, he is a member of Model UN, Mock Trial, and the Current Events club. Peter has performed in dramatic productions all four years of Upper School, he is a member of the A Cappella group, and he has participated in Chorus and Comedy Improvisation. Peter has been a member of the Cross Country team for four years, as well as Varsity Baseball. He plans to attend Boston College.

    Noah Stone is the son of David and Valerie Stone of Falmouth. He is the recipient of the Irvil K. Pease award for 2012, and the Dow Cup Writing award. He is a Waynflete Scholar, has achieved Honors and High Honors, and he is co-president of Student Government. Noah has also been a member of the Science Olympiad team. He has played with the Waynflete Jazz Band for four years and the Jazz Combo for two, and he received the 2011 Judges' Choice Award award at the Berklee High School Jazz Festival. He was also a Varsity Lacrosse player. Noah plans to attend Middlebury College.

    Addison St. Onge-May is the son of Ethan May and Tracy St.Onge of Bridgton. He has achieved Honors and High Honors in Upper School. Addison has been a member of Model United Nations, and has been recognized at the state level with awards for Distinguished Delegate, Diplomacy, and Best Delegation. He has been lead attorney for Mock Trial, he is a member of the Current Events club, and the championship Federal Reserve Cup team. He was a student ambassador to the 2012 Maine Financial Literacy Conference for Teachers. Addison is a member of the Varsity Soccer team and the Varsity Tennis team. He plans to attend George Washington University.

    Waynflete has also announced the Class of 2012 recipients of a number of awards, as follows:

    Dow Cup English Department Award - Noah Stone
    Barbara Freeman English Department Award -Nellie Semmes
    Josephine Detmer History Award - Sam Hansen, Sam Martin
    Heather Brown Visual Arts Awards - Alida Farrell, Xu Qiao
    Performing Arts Awards - David King
    Linguistic Excellence Award - Katy Nelligan
    Literary/Cultural Appreciation Award - Owen Deady, Sam Hansen
    Margaret Chenery Math Award - Riley Mattor, Hilary Niles
    Vergn Hewes Science Awards - Nellie Semmes, Peter Stein
    Sportsmanship Awards - Chris Burke, Lucy Crane
    Student Athlete Awards - Mitch Newlin, Roz Gray-Bauer
    Four-Year Varsity Tri-Athletes - Abshir Horor, Mitch Newlin
    Irvil K. Pease Award - Noah Stone

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2012 Graduates

Madeleine Dutilh Agnew
Cameron Thayer Barner
Ray Bliss
Drew Lancaster Boulos
Helen Bourdeaux
Christopher William Burke
William Robert Cleaves
Lucy Gratwick Crane
Owen B. Deady
Alida Farrell
Anna Louise Feagles
Kings Floyd
Eli M. Forsley
Christopher Gilbert
William Gordon
Rosalind Gray-Bauer
Alysa Grindlinger
Samuel Fox Hansen
Lillian Xenia Harvey
Teddy Herriman
Ryan Dean Holm
Abshir Bile Horor
Nina Louise Jarrell
George Walter Johnson
Erika Susan Joyce
Myoung Woon Kim
David Alan King
Riful Li
Max S. Loeffler
Samuel Coleman Martin
Riley Joseph Mattor
Maxwell Brewster McKendry Hanae Miyake
Susannah Rhiannon Moore
Eric James Nathanson
Katherine Louise Nelligan
Sarah Elizabeth Neuren
Mitchell T. Newlin
Hilary Taft Niles
Claire Lena Olson
Sadie Pacillo
Xu Qiao
Michael Charles Redman
Jessica Fader Robb
Chloë Belzer Twigg Rowse
Gabriella Schnier
Benedict Joseph Semmes
Eleanor Caldwell Semmes
Hawa Shir
Rebecca Anne Smith
Addison E. St. Onge-May
Peter Joel Stein
Noah Nathaniel Stone
Emily Grier Trafton
Katherine MacMillan Whitaker
Daniel Lincoln Wiener
Abdulaziz Mukhtar Yousuf
Rashida Zalika Alison Zagon