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What Mainers Drive

Domestic automobiles dominate statewide, with the number of Fords just edging out the number of Chevys, while Toyotas are most popular in the state's urban areas.

According to the state's motor vehicle registration data, Maine had 1,056,575 registered passenger motor vehicles as of November 2015, not including rental cars and out-of-state registrations.

Statewide, Fords are the most popular make of passenger vehicle, followed closely by Chevys.

Still, as shown in the map below, there is considerable regional variation in Mainers' car preferences. Subarus are the most popular cars in Carrabassett Valley, Chevys rule in Madison and Millinocket, and the suburbs of Bangor and Portland favor Toyotas.

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SOURCE: Maine Secretary of State
INTERACTIVE: Christian MilNeil | @vigorousnorth