HeraldenState’s top court upholds ruling in cold case killing2019-06-19T16:42:46ZBlog HeraldenMassachusetts man pleads guilty to providing drugs linked to fatal overdose2019-06-19T16:19:28ZBlog HeraldenSchool district settles with former teacher over racist incidents2019-06-19T16:00:09ZBlog HeraldenFreeport wine bar Conundrum closes2019-06-19T15:17:13ZBlog HeraldenGolden wants to withhold funding for right whale protections2019-06-19T14:41:36ZBlog HeraldenCharitable giving by individual Americans drops in 20182019-06-19T12:56:44ZBlog HeraldenUN expert wants probe of Saudi prince role in Khashoggi death2019-06-19T10:32:04ZBlog HeraldenLeonard Pitts: Central Park 5 series shows what they see when they see us2019-06-19T10:00:00ZBlog HeraldenKepler’s hit in 17th gives Twins 4-3 win over Red Sox2019-06-19T09:07:48ZBlog HeraldenOur View: Rumford librarians protect free speech2019-06-19T08:00:57ZBlog HeraldenLetter to the editor: What persecution are refugees escaping?2019-06-19T08:00:49ZBlog HeraldenNew director of Maine CDC outlines priorities, starting with hiring2019-06-19T08:00:44ZBlog HeraldenMaine Voices: Supporting school nutrition is an investment in our future2019-06-19T08:00:44ZBlog HeraldenWhat’s in your recycling bin? Interns will grade the contents this summer in 4 communities2019-06-19T08:00:38ZBlog HeraldenWhat can and can’t be recycled through Ecomaine2019-06-19T08:00:34ZBlog HeraldenThe Wrap: Money is raised, restaurants open, people die before their time2019-06-19T08:00:32ZBlog HeraldenLetter to the editor: Veterans’ needs should come before those of noncitizens2019-06-19T08:00:31ZBlog HeraldenLetter to the editor: People of faith are stepping up to welcome asylum seekers2019-06-19T08:00:28ZBlog HeraldenCommentary: America’s middle class is showing signs of life2019-06-19T08:00:21ZBlog HeraldenLetter to the editor: Electoral College abets subversion of democracy2019-06-19T08:00:17ZBlog HeraldenLetter to the editor: Helping hand isn’t extended to everybody in Portland2019-06-19T08:00:07ZBlog HeraldenFor longterm parking, just disconnect pickup’s battery2019-06-19T08:00:03ZBlog HeraldenBill to legalize sports betting advances in Maine Legislature2019-06-19T03:05:02ZBlog HeraldenTuesday’s local baseball roundup: Libson rolls by Topsham, 8-12019-06-19T03:01:42ZBlog HeraldenMaine Legislature draws close to adjournment but key battles remain2019-06-19T03:00:08ZBlog HeraldenTuesday’s major league roundup: Angels send Jays to sixth straight loss at home2019-06-19T02:44:29ZBlog HeraldenTuesday’s Sports Digest: Sea Dogs slip past Erie, 2-12019-06-19T02:18:08ZBlog HeraldenTrump kicks off 2020 campaign at Orlando rally2019-06-19T01:35:52ZBlog HeraldenTuesday’s NFL notebook: League, NCAA getting together to target player safety2019-06-19T01:29:33ZBlog HeraldenPortland council’s choice of site for new homeless shelter draws criticism2019-06-19T01:21:06ZBlog HeraldenUtility company to pay $1 billion to governments for California wildfire damage2019-06-19T01:12:04ZBlog HeraldenPolice charge two with operating mobile meth lab2019-06-19T00:56:55ZBlog HeraldenHong Kong’s leader offers ‘sincerest apologies,’ but refuses to resign2019-06-19T00:39:41ZBlog HeraldenMidcoast farms donate greens to feed asylum seekers2019-06-19T00:31:03ZBlog HeraldenPortland man arrested following brief chase in Hollis2019-06-19T00:25:43ZBlog HeraldenU.N. joins call for independent investigation in death of Egypt’s ousted president Morsi2019-06-19T00:06:11ZBlog HeraldenTuesday’s major league notebook: Ortiz updated to ‘good’ condition in Boston2019-06-19T00:03:38ZBlog HeraldenHiker rescued from Mount Washington may have to foot the bill2019-06-18T23:48:26ZBlog HeraldenSan Francisco may be first U.S. city to ban e-cigarette sales2019-06-18T23:37:33ZBlog HeraldenShanahan drops bid to lead Pentagon, citing ‘painful’ past2019-06-18T23:29:56ZBlog HeraldenEric Brakey says he may challenge Golden for 2nd District seat2019-06-18T23:21:21ZBlog HeraldenPurchase of Bethel forestland completes 3,500-acre conservation area2019-06-18T23:15:08ZBlog HeraldenGorham’s Esposito transfers to Boston University from Villanova2019-06-18T23:06:56ZBlog HeraldenVenezuela’s misery doesn’t even spare the dead in Maracaibo2019-06-18T23:05:25ZBlog HeraldenCompromise bill to boost workers’ comp benefits for some becomes law2019-06-18T23:00:46ZBlog HeraldenPaul Manafort moved to Manhattan detention center2019-06-18T22:50:02ZBlog HeraldenMarijuana use doubles in U.S. pregnant women to 1 in 142019-06-18T22:37:44ZBlog HeraldenShark attack survivor gets message from Robert Downey Jr.2019-06-18T22:30:01ZBlog HeraldenMovers, shakers of Maine arts gather in Portland for summit2019-06-18T22:25:34ZBlog HeraldenConfederate monument in Nashville graffitied2019-06-18T22:24:40ZBlog Heralden33,000 pounds of cocaine seized in one of biggest U.S. drug busts2019-06-18T22:12:20ZBlog HeraldenU.S. air quality slipping after years of improvement2019-06-18T22:00:55ZBlog HeraldenSecond half means second chance for Sea Dogs2019-06-18T21:53:13ZBlog HeraldenMaine Senate passes bill extending statute of limitations on sex crimes2019-06-18T21:50:39ZBlog HeraldenNew Maine law requires sellers to disclose if properties were used to make meth2019-06-18T21:47:58ZBlog HeraldenUnanimous Legislature passes 2 bills to reduce ‘welfare cliff’2019-06-18T21:46:36ZBlog HeraldenHigh school notebook: Plenty of changes at the top at end of school year2019-06-18T21:36:52ZBlog HeraldenFacebook launches Calibra, its own cryptocurrency network2019-06-18T21:29:31ZBlog HeraldenDow surges more than 300 points on word of Trump-Xi meeting2019-06-18T20:50:55ZBlog HeraldenNew England Dispatches2019-06-18T20:47:47ZBlog HeraldenMacLeod joins Katahdin Trust as VP, commercial services officer2019-06-18T20:12:40ZBlog HeraldenNetflix announces 2 more seasons of ‘Queer Eye’2019-06-18T19:51:00ZBlog HeraldenPortland’s Terion Moss departs UMaine basketball program2019-06-18T19:48:39ZBlog HeraldenWomen’s World Cup: United States focuses on beating Sweden, not the easiest path to a title2019-06-18T19:45:23ZBlog HeraldenNew state office building opens in Augusta2019-06-18T19:23:31ZBlog HeraldenMills signs bill requiring state to alert communities to federal air quality violations2019-06-18T18:51:30ZBlog HeraldenLawmakers reject ‘red flag’ gun bill, but alternative may have a better chance2019-06-18T18:01:14ZBlog HeraldenSen. Collins casts 7,000th consecutive Senate vote as re-election race looms2019-06-18T17:33:41ZBlog HeraldenTuesday’s NBA notebook: Report says Celtics’ Horford opts out of contract and will seek a new team2019-06-18T17:29:28ZBlog HeraldenMotorcycle rider dies in collision in Oxford County2019-06-18T17:25:39ZBlog HeraldenDiversion of Suboxone to the street shouldn't discourage more access2019-06-18T16:54:09ZBlog HeraldenMill buildings in Waterville sold and slated for development2019-06-18T16:29:42ZBlog HeraldenProsecutor to seek life in prison for man convicted of murdering officer2019-06-18T15:10:59ZBlog HeraldenRumford Police sought two speedy lawn mowers Sunday night2019-06-18T13:30:04ZBlog HeraldenProsecutors want to try teen as adult in Litchfield woman’s death2019-06-18T13:25:36ZBlog HeraldenScientists think they know why dogs have eyes that tug at our hearts2019-06-18T12:32:35ZBlog HeraldenMichelle Singletary: Should you welcome back boomerang children?2019-06-18T08:00:48ZBlog HeraldenOur View: Maine budget’s drama-free passage a good sign2019-06-18T08:00:47ZBlog HeraldenKathleen Parker: If Alabama is trying to become the worst state for women, its strategy is strong2019-06-18T08:00:33ZBlog HeraldenPromoter promises changes to deal with noise2019-06-18T08:00:33ZBlog HeraldenMaine Voices: Expectations of men are changing, so where do we go from here?2019-06-18T08:00:33ZBlog HeraldenLetter to the editor: Assassinations took away peacekeepers2019-06-18T08:00:31ZBlog HeraldenLetter to the editor: Lyric Theater’s ‘Hunchback’ makes last-minute change2019-06-18T08:00:28ZBlog HeraldenCommentary: Let’s get in some debating at the Democratic debates2019-06-18T08:00:27ZBlog HeraldenLetter to the editor: Mayor Strimling must balance needs of immigrants, taxpayers2019-06-18T08:00:21ZBlog HeraldenLetter to the editor: Maine Work Credit will benefit local economy2019-06-18T08:00:13ZBlog HeraldenMaine baby survives 2 life-threatening birth defects2019-06-18T08:00:03ZBlog HeraldenPorcello sharp as Red Sox push streak to six2019-06-18T03:26:40ZBlog HeraldenAirbus says it’s ready for pilotless jets – are you?2019-06-18T02:57:54ZBlog HeraldenScientists take a peek behind those sad puppy dog eyes2019-06-18T02:43:15ZBlog HeraldenPortland council votes to reduce non-marine zone on waterfront2019-06-18T02:41:46ZBlog HeraldenMonday’s major league roundup: Tanaka, Yankees shut out Rays2019-06-18T02:34:39ZBlog HeraldenMonday’s Sports Digest: Sea Dogs stretch winning streak to four2019-06-18T02:31:36ZBlog HeraldenU.S. restores some aid to El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala2019-06-18T02:28:37ZBlog HeraldenWestbrook considers helping asylum seekers2019-06-18T02:19:38ZBlog HeraldenPortland council chooses Riverton as new shelter site2019-06-18T01:53:07ZBlog HeraldenKansas boy lucky to be alive after knife impales face2019-06-18T01:43:57ZBlog HeraldenMaine House votes to oppose electing presidents via popular vote2019-06-18T01:32:42ZBlog HeraldenTopsham group applying for state’s final charter school spot2019-06-18T01:18:07ZBlog HeraldenSupreme Court lets Virginia voting go ahead under redrawn map2019-06-18T01:10:44ZBlog HeraldenSuspect in Ortiz shooting to spend a year in preventive prison2019-06-18T00:57:04ZBlog HeraldenArrests along Mexico border are falling, preliminary figures show2019-06-18T00:52:21ZBlog HeraldenMaine could borrow to invest in green energy, infrastructure2019-06-18T00:47:50ZBlog HeraldenGold Cup: U.S. men have a lot to prove under new coach2019-06-18T00:45:25ZBlog HeraldenMonday’s NHL notebook: Ducks hire Eakins as head coach2019-06-18T00:17:23ZBlog HeraldenGov. Mills signs bill to ban single-use plastic bags2019-06-17T23:41:12ZBlog HeraldenWorld population expected to rise to 9.7 billion in 20502019-06-17T23:39:16ZBlog HeraldenMariners re-sign five players as they plan for second season2019-06-17T23:29:11ZBlog HeraldenLacrosse: Is there a wrong time, ethically, to ask for a stick check?2019-06-17T23:24:18ZBlog HeraldenClimate talks held as Arctic ice melts, concerns grow2019-06-17T23:24:14ZBlog HeraldenHarvard pulls Parkland grad’s admission over racist comments2019-06-17T23:18:09ZBlog HeraldenButtigieg goes home to Indiana after black man killed by police2019-06-17T22:59:21ZBlog HeraldenFour shot, 2 arrested at Raptors’ championship rally in Toronto2019-06-17T22:50:58ZBlog HeraldenU.S. Open champ hit a different kind of game-winner2019-06-17T22:31:35ZBlog HeraldenWomen’s World Cup: U.S. continues to have reasons to celebrate2019-06-17T22:31:24ZBlog HeraldenClosing arguments postponed 1 day in murder trial of John D. Williams2019-06-17T22:19:15ZBlog HeraldenThe future is now for Celtics’ Brown, Tatum2019-06-17T22:18:58ZBlog HeraldenGov. Mills signs 2-year state budget totaling nearly $8 billion2019-06-17T21:45:05ZBlog HeraldenHuawei says U.S. sanctions will cost it billions in revenue2019-06-17T21:35:18ZBlog HeraldenWhat's hot this summer? These events will keep you busy until Labor Day2019-06-17T21:21:37ZBlog HeraldenBoeing apologizes for Max crashes as Airbus rakes in sales2019-06-17T21:03:40ZBlog HeraldenTom Caron: Red Sox must show they can beat good teams2019-06-17T20:54:06ZBlog HeraldenPortland looks to house African migrants as councilors discuss aid2019-06-17T20:50:42ZBlog HeraldenUNE named U.S. representative to trans-Atlantic aquaculture panel2019-06-17T20:18:05ZBlog HeraldenAnother ‘Empire’ actor arrested, but on traffic offense2019-06-17T20:14:50ZBlog HeraldenPrince Harry champions mother’s cause: Clearing land mines2019-06-17T19:54:21ZBlog HeraldenMaine writers – and a librarian – bring home book awards2019-06-17T19:30:21ZBlog HeraldenPortland names new head of health and human services2019-06-17T18:35:47ZBlog HeraldenCape Elizabeth rider is 1st unicyclist to complete Trek Across Maine2019-06-17T17:58:34ZBlog HeraldenBoys’ lacrosse: Thornton edges Falmouth in overtime for Class A crown2019-06-17T17:37:05ZBlog HeraldenQ&A with Josh Groban, on tour with ‘Bridges’2019-06-17T16:46:43ZBlog HeraldenThe National goes local with show at Thompson’s Point2019-06-17T16:46:10ZBlog HeraldenWhatever your age, ‘Grave of the Fireflies’ is worth seeing2019-06-17T16:45:48ZBlog HeraldenDairy Delite in Berwick lives up to its name, and more2019-06-17T16:45:44ZBlog HeraldenGray artist shows what she learned from the trees out her window2019-06-17T16:45:08ZBlog HeraldenMaine House rejects bill to increase estate tax2019-06-17T16:43:43ZBlog HeraldenProposal to study public power options for Maine moves forward2019-06-17T16:40:12ZBlog HeraldenOusted Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi dies in court2019-06-17T16:36:07ZBlog HeraldenMaine prisoner charged with trying to kill fellow inmate2019-06-17T16:10:36ZBlog HeraldenMaineHealth, Mid Coast-Parkview Health agree to merge2019-06-17T15:47:25ZBlog HeraldenLatest2019-06-17T15:32:06ZBlog HeraldenGloria Vanderbilt, heiress and jeans queen, dies at 952019-06-17T14:59:50ZBlog HeraldenClosing arguments pushed back a day in murder trial of John D. Williams2019-06-17T13:36:16ZBlog HeraldenDozens of miles of rail improvements coming to Maine2019-06-17T13:27:46ZBlog HeraldenPotent pot, vulnerable teens trigger concerns in 1st states to legalize marijuana2019-06-17T12:17:42ZBlog HeraldenTensions rise as Iran speeds up enrichment; U.S. adding troops2019-06-17T10:09:21ZBlog HeraldenFour competing to design artwork for Portland’s 1st roundabout2019-06-17T08:00:59ZBlog HeraldenRecord number of African migrants arriving on U.S.-Mexico border2019-06-17T08:00:48ZBlog HeraldenLetter to the editor: Let unenrolled Mainers vote in primaries2019-06-17T08:00:47ZBlog HeraldenOur View: Family, schools tackle missed days together2019-06-17T08:00:47ZBlog HeraldenLetter to the editor: Civil rights memorial tells important story2019-06-17T08:00:46ZBlog HeraldenLetter to the editor: Too many questions on public power proposal2019-06-17T08:00:33ZBlog HeraldenPairs of nesting piping plovers in Maine hit record numbers2019-06-17T08:00:31ZBlog HeraldenState pays $500,000 to settle lawsuit alleging abuse at juvenile facility2019-06-17T08:00:19ZBlog HeraldenLetter to the editor: New Maine paid-time-off law will help caregivers2019-06-17T08:00:18ZBlog HeraldenMaine Voices: Five ideas for the new UMaine System chancellor2019-06-17T08:00:15ZBlog HeraldenLetter to the editor: International New York Times right to drop cartoons2019-06-17T08:00:05ZBlog HeraldenPortlanders welcome asylum seekers, but also worry about financial strain on taxpayers2019-06-17T08:00:03ZBlog HeraldenRobust home sales draw 2 new furniture stores to South Portland2019-06-17T08:00:00ZBlog