HeraldenThe Most Significant New Vehicles of 20192019-02-17T09:00:56ZBlog HeraldenVoila! Book provides inspiration to make vegan breakfast at home2019-02-17T09:00:53ZBlog HeraldenAfter his start in Portland bars, country musician Jay Bragg joins Alan Jackson's tour2019-02-17T09:00:00ZBlog HeraldenConverts to kale: Here's a way to use the stems, too2019-02-17T09:00:00ZBlog HeraldenHow the crossover hit 'Walk This Way' became a pop culture watershed2019-02-17T09:00:00ZBlog HeraldenFacebook group lets huntresses in Maine share tales of stalking prey2019-02-17T09:00:00ZBlog HeraldenBirding: A collaborative project reveals secrets of the snowy owls2019-02-17T09:00:00ZBlog HeraldenAs suicides and fatal overdoses climb, grief swells for Maine families2019-02-17T09:00:00ZBlog HeraldenStop, thief! From cutlery to paintings, restaurant diners help themselves to more than food2019-02-17T09:00:00ZBlog HeraldenMaine Voices: Maine's addiction epidemic encompasses more than opioids2019-02-17T09:00:00ZBlog HeraldenLetter to the editor: Proposed teacher pay hike should include community college, UMaine System adjuncts2019-02-17T09:00:00ZBlog HeraldenOur View: Distracted driving needs our attention2019-02-17T09:00:00ZBlog HeraldenThe View From Here: Maine Republicans keep winning on taxes2019-02-17T09:00:00ZBlog HeraldenMaine paid for 40 rooms at Trump hotel for LePage, staff2019-02-17T09:00:00ZBlog HeraldenAnother View: Maine Voices columnist's paean to Donald Trump overlooks his true loyalties2019-02-17T09:00:00ZBlog HeraldenRibs to ragu2019-02-17T09:00:00ZBlog HeraldenCommentary: Don't try to muzzle tabloids2019-02-17T09:00:00ZBlog HeraldenLetter to the editor: Telegram story, headline ignore Maine Episcopal bishop-elect's strengths2019-02-17T09:00:00ZBlog HeraldenJim Fossel: Mills budget proposal kicks off dynamic process2019-02-17T09:00:00ZBlog HeraldenA lesson from mistrial: Forensics can be more art than science2019-02-17T09:00:00ZBlog HeraldenSix ways to make kitchen prep work easier and tidier2019-02-17T09:00:00ZBlog HeraldenThe Maine Millennial: You shouldn't have to wait days to buy a 'morning-after' pill2019-02-17T09:00:00ZBlog HeraldenThe River Cafe's cookbook brims with beautiful and delicious recipes2019-02-17T09:00:00ZBlog HeraldenLetter to the editor: Telegram reviewer slights customer-friendly Coppersmith Tavern & Table2019-02-17T09:00:00ZBlog HeraldenFrom 'Bird Box' to 'Battle Angel,' Rosa Salazar chased her dream, and caught it2019-02-17T09:00:00ZBlog HeraldenLetter to the editor: Urge land-use panel to oppose CMP plan, keep Maine's North Woods intact2019-02-17T09:00:00ZBlog HeraldenLetter to the editor: Headline's description of Episcopal cleric leaves reader puzzled2019-02-17T09:00:00ZBlog HeraldenIn Portland, the most important meal of the day offers plenty for vegans2019-02-17T09:00:00ZBlog HeraldenWho knew that key moments of the Civil War happened in Cuba?2019-02-17T09:00:00ZBlog HeraldenMaine Observer: A tough guy on the field, a solid friend elsewhere2019-02-17T09:00:00ZBlog HeraldenRacially tinged incident at Kennebunk school grows into wider conflict2019-02-17T09:00:00ZBlog HeraldenArt review: Skillfully curated, Able Baker exhibition explores 'Perfection'2019-02-17T09:00:00ZBlog HeraldenBill Nemitz: Maine's chief medical examiner keeps himself busy2019-02-17T09:00:00ZBlog HeraldenDine Out Maine: Precise cooking, happy surprises and perfect balance earn Hugo's 4 1/2 stars2019-02-17T09:00:00ZBlog HeraldenDeep Water: From 'Another Long' (15.) by Patricia Smith Ranzoni2019-02-17T09:00:00ZBlog HeraldenBrooks & Dunn rework hits with a new class of country stars2019-02-17T09:00:00ZBlog HeraldenAfter years of disrupting Hollywood, Steven Soderbergh finds an unlikely ally in Netflix2019-02-17T09:00:00ZBlog HeraldenThe grass will grow under your feet whether you like it or not2019-02-17T09:00:00ZBlog HeraldenSociety Notebook: Love Gala does good for those in grief2019-02-17T09:00:00ZBlog HeraldenWildcats rush past Raiders to secure spot in semifinals2019-02-17T04:13:52ZBlog HeraldenSaturday's Sports Digest: Shiffrin wins fourth straight world championship slalom title2019-02-17T03:56:13ZBlog HeraldenSaturday's boys' hockey roundup: Greely secures No. 1 seed2019-02-17T03:33:32ZBlog HeraldenBoys' basketball: York starts fast, runs past Fryeburg2019-02-17T03:06:38ZBlog HeraldenWorld still doesn't have enough places to plug in cars2019-02-17T02:37:54ZBlog HeraldenCourt document details how Alaska State Troopers tracked down murder suspect in Maine2019-02-17T02:36:03ZBlog HeraldenWrestling: Wells rolls to third straight Class B crown2019-02-17T01:33:07ZBlog HeraldenBoys' basketball: Falmouth takes out Brunswick2019-02-17T01:21:33ZBlog HeraldenSaturday's college roundup: Bowdoin women set a NESCAC scoring record in a quarterfinal win over Connecticut College2019-02-17T00:57:32ZBlog HeraldenChampions emerge all over Maine2019-02-17T00:35:53ZBlog HeraldenTrump sees wall as path to re-election2019-02-17T00:23:15ZBlog HeraldenHarpoon successfully spears space junk2019-02-16T23:55:36ZBlog HeraldenMan who suffocated mountain lion recounts attack2019-02-16T23:51:36ZBlog HeraldenVatican defrocks former Cardinal McCarrick for abuse2019-02-16T23:44:50ZBlog HeraldenIndoor track: York boys, Brewer girls win Class B titles2019-02-16T23:18:11ZBlog HeraldenSaturday's auto racing roundup: The Daytona 500 is an old race with a new look2019-02-16T22:56:38ZBlog HeraldenWrestling: Mt. Ararat/Brunswick wins Class A title2019-02-16T22:48:30ZBlog HeraldenBoys' basketball: Wells takes down No. 1 seed in Class B South2019-02-16T22:46:16ZBlog HeraldenSnowbirds trade vacation homes for winters at 5-star resorts2019-02-16T22:41:19ZBlog HeraldenGone in a New York minute: How the Amazon deal fell apart2019-02-16T22:40:15ZBlog HeraldenGirls' hockey: Stags hold off Lewiston 2-1 to win state title2019-02-16T22:33:37ZBlog HeraldenSaturday's NBA notebook: Davis says Celtics are on his list of trade destinations2019-02-16T22:29:00ZBlog HeraldenActivists work to protect endangered pangolins2019-02-16T21:52:48ZBlog HeraldenGerman chancellor defends split with U.S. over Iran2019-02-16T21:41:39ZBlog HeraldenBoys' basketball: MCI edges Oceanside in overtime, 58-822019-02-16T21:37:15ZBlog HeraldenKurdish fighters squeeze remnants of Islamic State in Syria2019-02-16T21:34:21ZBlog HeraldenSwimming: MDI repeats as Class B boys' champion2019-02-16T21:31:17ZBlog HeraldenBoys' basketball: Gray-New Gloucester cruises into semifinals2019-02-16T21:07:47ZBlog HeraldenPolice release 2 men questioned in Jussie Smollett case2019-02-16T21:05:38ZBlog HeraldenKaty Perry and Orlando Bloom are engaged2019-02-16T21:01:29ZBlog HeraldenHow Maine's members of Congress voted2019-02-16T20:56:16ZBlog HeraldenMan killed in head-on crash outside curling club in Belfast2019-02-16T20:47:28ZBlog HeraldenBoys' basketball: Forest Hills cruises past Seacoast Christian2019-02-16T20:07:00ZBlog HeraldenGirls' basketball: Rangeley overpowers Seacoast Christian2019-02-16T19:56:46ZBlog HeraldenBoys' basketball: Maranacook holds off Yarmouth in Class B South2019-02-16T19:26:56ZBlog HeraldenPolice: Background check failed, allowing Illinois shooter to buy gun2019-02-16T17:42:38ZBlog HeraldenBoys' basketball: Cape ousts Freeport in Class B South2019-02-16T16:40:57ZBlog HeraldenOne person shot, one arrested in Windham2019-02-16T16:36:52ZBlog HeraldenBruins beat Ducks 3-0 for 4th straight win2019-02-16T11:46:43ZBlog HeraldenLetter to the editor: Keep lobbyists' money out of Maine legislators' hands2019-02-16T09:00:00ZBlog HeraldenLetter to the editor: Reusable containers, bags will help stem tide of plastic waste2019-02-16T09:00:00ZBlog HeraldenLetter to the editor: Illumination fails to show Portland City Hall in its best light2019-02-16T09:00:00ZBlog HeraldenLetter to the editor: He said he'd go away, but Paul LePage is still here2019-02-16T09:00:00ZBlog HeraldenLetter to the editor: Return war-making decisions to Congress2019-02-16T09:00:00ZBlog HeraldenThe humble Farmer: Don't stop your chores for visitors – let them lend a hand2019-02-16T09:00:00ZBlog HeraldenMaine Voices: None of us can afford to sit back as climate change poses threat to all life on Earth2019-02-16T09:00:00ZBlog HeraldenYarmouth Rep. Cooper: Maine's original flag is the one we should be flying2019-02-16T09:00:00ZBlog HeraldenAnother View: Trump's tunnel vision on Iran gives Saudi Arabia a blank check2019-02-16T09:00:00ZBlog HeraldenAugusta drug trafficking nets man one year in prison2019-02-16T03:38:41ZBlog HeraldenFriday's NHL roundup: Rangers rip Sabres, 6-22019-02-16T03:30:37ZBlog HeraldenLewiston grad Elijah Solis on learning life skills, chasing dreams2019-02-16T03:26:36ZBlog HeraldenFriday's college roundup: Maine ties Merrimack in men's hockey2019-02-16T03:18:23ZBlog HeraldenFriday's high school roundup: Top-seeded Greely eases past Mt. Ararat2019-02-16T03:10:24ZBlog HeraldenDebt-burdened, Payless closing all stores in U.S.2019-02-16T03:03:34ZBlog HeraldenThe outlook for U.S. farmers: 'Getting modestly worse over time'2019-02-16T03:01:06ZBlog HeraldenBoys' basketball: Portland beats the buzzer, Deering2019-02-16T03:00:15ZBlog HeraldenTrump may extend deadline on China trade talks2019-02-16T03:00:02ZBlog HeraldenS&P 500 rallies to another up week2019-02-16T02:59:29ZBlog HeraldenTrump's emergency declaration puts Republicans at risk2019-02-16T02:58:41ZBlog HeraldenSebago ice-fishing derby could reduce trout overpopulation2019-02-16T02:48:32ZBlog HeraldenEl Paso County files lawsuit to block border wall2019-02-16T02:38:03ZBlog HeraldenBethel remembers world's tallest snowman2019-02-16T02:10:18ZBlog HeraldenFriday's Sports Digest: Kuchar apologizes for comments made about substitute caddie2019-02-16T02:01:31ZBlog HeraldenFelony arson charge against Wilton woman dismissed2019-02-16T01:43:04ZBlog HeraldenAuburn man charged with rape and murder in 1993 Alaska cold case2019-02-16T01:18:56ZBlog HeraldenFamily mourns as police investigate crash that killed pedestrian in Standish2019-02-16T01:06:25ZBlog HeraldenTanker truck rollover closes I-95 northbound near Portland2019-02-16T01:04:37ZBlog HeraldenBook alleges gay Vatican subculture2019-02-16T01:04:12ZBlog HeraldenTrump says Japan's Abe nominated him for Nobel2019-02-16T00:50:31ZBlog HeraldenFriday's NBA notebook: Anthony Davis has muscle bruise in left shoulder2019-02-16T00:43:18ZBlog HeraldenBoys' basketball: Kennebunk races past Leavitt2019-02-16T00:32:28ZBlog HeraldenFriday's major league notebook: Yanks, Severino agree to four-year deal2019-02-16T00:13:08ZBlog HeraldenPedroia taking it slow as he returns to Red Sox2019-02-15T23:56:46ZBlog HeraldenState education funding projections hold good news for southern Maine districts2019-02-15T23:20:58ZBlog HeraldenPrince Philip will not face charges for car collision2019-02-15T23:05:57ZBlog HeraldenChicago police arrest 2 suspects in attack on ‘Empire’ actor Jussie Smollett2019-02-15T22:59:47ZBlog HeraldenMormon missionaries' parents can get more calls2019-02-15T22:49:33ZBlog HeraldenLawsuit claims religious discrimination2019-02-15T22:26:01ZBlog HeraldenAlpine skiing: Falmouth boys, Edward Little girls capture Class A titles2019-02-15T22:18:20ZBlog HeraldenGirls' basketball: Lawrence takes charge in second half, eliminates Medomak Valley2019-02-15T22:06:07ZBlog HeraldenAlleged bigamist, 'Cupid of Chaos,' to return to New England2019-02-15T22:03:20ZBlog HeraldenMaine DHHS adds $3 million to home heating assistance2019-02-15T21:31:57ZBlog HeraldenEmployee being fired kills 5 co-workers, wounds 5 officers at Illinois company2019-02-15T21:03:58ZBlog HeraldenTrump plans to get wall funding by scrapping some military projects2019-02-15T20:46:40ZBlog HeraldenHistoric church-turned-condos in Portland now in bankruptcy2019-02-15T19:55:27ZBlog HeraldenKaepernick, Reid settle collusion lawsuits with NFL2019-02-15T19:43:51ZBlog HeraldenSupreme Court will take up census citizenship question2019-02-15T19:00:00ZBlog HeraldenDrug company used rap video to push for higher doses, sales2019-02-15T18:35:52ZBlog HeraldenPierce and Jacob named principals at Sevee & Maher Engineers2019-02-15T18:12:14ZBlog HeraldenYear in space put U.S. astronaut's disease defenses on high alert2019-02-15T18:09:28ZBlog HeraldenPortraits of BIW workers find a home at the State House2019-02-15T17:08:54ZBlog HeraldenOceanfront Gem Provides Panoramic Views Across Saco Bay2019-02-15T17:00:24ZBlog HeraldenFuel delivery mix up in Richmond closes gas pumps2019-02-15T16:58:33ZBlog HeraldenJustice Ruth Bader Ginsburg back at work at the Supreme Court2019-02-15T16:05:36ZBlog HeraldenMills signs executive order reversing LePage moratorium on wind energy permits2019-02-15T15:55:36ZBlog HeraldenSarah Stanley named director of Kennebunk Land Trust2019-02-15T14:56:44ZBlog HeraldenBill Weld, former Mass. governor, to challenge Trump for Republican presidential nomination2019-02-15T14:32:33ZBlog HeraldenTrump declares emergency to head off ‘invasion’ at border, signs bill to avert shutdown2019-02-15T14:08:19ZBlog HeraldenIn a slippery heist, 30,000 liters of iceberg water vanish from a warehouse on the Atlantic coast2019-02-15T13:59:19ZBlog HeraldenBody found on Connecticut island 23 years ago has been identified2019-02-15T13:53:53ZBlog HeraldenMaine Wildlife Park's 'most excellent moose' dies at the ripe old age of 152019-02-15T12:45:02ZBlog HeraldenTeens in Europe mobilize, start a wave of ongoing protests against climate change2019-02-15T10:55:55ZBlog HeraldenLetter to the editor: By discontinuing 'Indians' mascot, Skowhegan would take small step toward acknowledging Maine tribes' concerns2019-02-15T09:00:00ZBlog HeraldenControversy in his past dogs Maine's chief medical examiner2019-02-15T09:00:00ZBlog HeraldenAnother View: Nation's budget director says 'nobody cares' about deficit – if that's true, we're doomed2019-02-15T09:00:00ZBlog HeraldenOur View: In Maine and nationwide, student hunger a continuing problem despite available fixes2019-02-15T09:00:00ZBlog HeraldenMarc A. Thiessen: Green New Deal means giant new tax hikes – on everyone2019-02-15T09:00:00ZBlog HeraldenCommentary: Woe to any 2020 Democrat who doesn't embrace partisanship2019-02-15T09:00:00ZBlog HeraldenLetter to the editor: Journey of aging prompts heartfelt reflection2019-02-15T09:00:00ZBlog HeraldenLetter to the editor: Access to Hydro-Quebec power would be boon to Maine customers2019-02-15T09:00:00ZBlog HeraldenCommentary: As Maine looks to attract workers, paid sick leave would be a big draw2019-02-15T09:00:00ZBlog HeraldenLetter to the editor: Party of Lincoln now favors disenfranchisement2019-02-15T09:00:00ZBlog HeraldenLetter to the editor: Tell Bangor giving initiative that you support community arts2019-02-15T09:00:00ZBlog HeraldenRead all about it. We've got plenty of things for you to do this weekend.2019-02-15T05:23:42ZBlog