AUBURN — A Smithfield man who crashed his car after a high-speed chase with an Androscoggin County deputy in pursuit appeared on a TV monitor at the Androscoggin County Law Library Wednesday to enter his plea to two felony charges, the Sun-Journal of Lewiston reported Thursday.

Glen Witham, 39, was seated in a wheelchair next to his lawyer, Thomas Goodwin, in a specially equipped hearing room at the Maine State Prison in Warren. Witham, who is serving a prison sentence, is expected to be released at the end of this year, Goodwin told Androscoggin County Superior Court Justice Carl Bradford.

Asked how he pleaded to each count, Witham appeared confused, but after conferring with Goodwin, pleaded not guilty to both charges, including failure to appear and report at Androscoggin County jail to serve his sentence. Both are felonies.

Witham was sentenced last year to two years in prison, with one year suspended, on a charge of theft by unauthorized taking. He appealed that sentence to the Maine Supreme Judicial Court. The high court affirmed the sentence in March. Witham was told to report to Androscoggin County Jail within 72 hours of his unsuccessful appeal. When he didn’t show up, a warrant for his arrest was issued.

Meanwhile, a deputy at the Androscoggin County Sheriff’s Department was investigating stolen laptop computers. Deputy Maurice Drouin suspected Witham of the thefts and arranged to meet with him during an online correspondence.

Witham had allegedly bought computers at local stores and billed an acquaintance at an address different from his own. One of the computer sellers helped pinpoint its whereabouts through tracking software built into the device.

Witham had posted for sale an item on Craigslist, a popular website for classified advertising.

Drouin set up a meeting in May with Witham to discuss the purchase of the item. It appears Witham was spooked and drove off as Drouin approached.

Starting in Greene, Witham raced down U.S. Route 202 through Monmouth into Winthrop in a Dodge Stratus, according to Androscoggin County Sheriff Guy Desjardins.

Witham managed to dodge spike mats at two roadblocks. He eventually crashed into an SUV driven by Jenna Lawrence, 27, of Manchester, who was eight months pregnant. Lawrence and her baby escaped with nonlife-threatening injuries. Witham was hospitalized in critical condition.

 Witham’s lawyer said his client was hospitalized at the prison, where he continues to receive physical therapy and remains under medical supervision. He injured both legs in the accident and is unable to walk on his own, Goodwin said.