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Add your event to our calendar, and partner with the City Spark platform for event calendars that highlight things to do across Maine.

Readers, event coordinators and venue managers are encouraged to use the step-by-step process to enter events in the calendar. Just create a City Spark account (it’s really easy) or log in with Google or Facebook. Fill in fields for the event name, location, date and time; add categories; upload an image if you want; include a description; and provide ticket and contact info. You can proof your free event listing, then choose from three promotion levels if you want to make sure it really stands out.

There’s no need to add your event on and Once you’ve submitted it and it has been approved, it will show up in the event calendars on each of our websites. Our editors might also select your event for publishing or highlighting in one of our five daily or 17 weekly newspapers.

Thanks for your interest in our calendar. And thanks for your events.