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  • Politics

    Gideon decries corporate money in politics while taking PAC donations that include it

    The Democratic Senate candidate refuses to accept corporate PAC donations, but has taken funds from leadership groups that have corporate donors.

  • Business

    Bill to create consumer-owned electric utility meets Republican resistance

    Republicans on the Legislature's energy committee show no support for the Democratic bill to create a public power authority to buy the assets of Maine's two private electric utility companies.

  • Financial_Markets_Wall_Street_35645

    Stock market rout deepens as fears of virus send Dow plunging 1,190 points

    This is now Wall Street’s worst week since October 2008, when it was mired in the financial crisis.

  • Nation & World

    As Pence takes lead, critics recall response to HIV outbreak in Indiana

    As governor, he didn't agree with federal health experts that distributing clean needles was a good idea as one method to control the worst outbreak in the state's history.

  • Local & State

    Maine Republicans pressured USM to punish ‘rogue’ professor

    University officials defend their actions surrounding the 2018 controversy to offer class credit for protesting Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination, while critics say the response went too far in pandering to Republican lawmakers.

  • Elections

    Wording of vaccine referendum raising questions for some voters

    A ‘yes’ vote overturns Maine's new law eliminating all non-medical exemptions to school-required vaccinations, while a ‘no’ vote maintains it.

  • Business

    Two sides clash on bill to make producers pay for disposal of packaging

    Supporters tell lawmakers that making producers pay to dispose of packaging waste would improve recycling programs and help taxpayers. Businesses and national trade groups say it would be expensive, disruptive and hard to follow.

  • Maine Voices

    Traditions of faith, science both encourage vaccination – vote 'no' on 1

    The God of Christianity, Judaism and Islam has always cared about the health of the community.

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