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Cliff Schechtman, Executive editor
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Twitter: @cliffschechtman

Steve Greenlee, Managing editor
(207) 791-6301 [email protected]
Twitter: @SteveGreenlee

State and Local News
Dieter Bradbury, Deputy managing editor / News
(207) 791-6329 [email protected]
Twitter: @DieterBradbury

John Richardson, Metro editor
(207) 791-6324 [email protected]
Twitter: @jrichmaine

Pat Horne, Night city editor
(207) 791-6381 [email protected]

Carol Coultas, Business editor
(207) 791-6460 [email protected]
Twitter: @carolacoultas


Leslie Bridgers, MaineToday Magazine,
(207) 791-6364 [email protected]
Twitter: @lesliebridgers

Peggy Grodinsky, Food editor
(207) 791-6453 [email protected]
Twitter: @PGrodinsky

Katherine Lee, Website editor
(207) 791-6302 [email protected]
Twitter: @katherine_lee1

Jim Patrick, Social media editor
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Twitter: @mesofunblog

Michele McDonald, Photo editor
(207) 791-6434 [email protected]
Twitter: @michelePPH

Don Coulter, Sports editor
(207) 791-6410 [email protected]
Twitter: @DonCoulterPPH

Bob Aube, Assistant sports editor
(207) 791-6428 [email protected]
Twitter: @BobAubePPH

Jack Milton, Systems editor
(207) 791-6336 [email protected]
Twitter: @jmilton

Night Desk
Steve Ericson, Copy desk chief
(207) 791-6321 [email protected]

Editorial Page

Greg Kesich, Editor
(207) 791-6481 [email protected]
Twitter: @gregkesich

Sarah Collins, Assistant editorial page editor
(207) 791-6322 [email protected]



J. Craig Anderson, health care and insurance, banking/finance, real estate, entrepreneurship, technology
(207) 791-6390 [email protected]
Twitter: @JCraigAnderson

Peter McGuire, trade, tourism, transportation
(207) 791-6325 [email protected]
Twitter: @PeteL_McGuire

Penelope Overton, marijuana, lobsters
(207) 791-6463 [email protected]
Twitter: @PLOvertonPPH

Tux Turkel, energy, utilities
(207) 791-6462 [email protected]
Twitter: @TuxTurkel


Randy Billings, Portland City Hall
(207) 791-6346 [email protected]
Twitter: @randybillings

Kelley Bouchard, South Portland
(207) 791-6328 [email protected]
Twitter: @KelleyBouchard

Matt Byrne, police, crime
(207) 791-6303 [email protected]
Twitter: @MattByrnePPH

Megan Doyle, Westbrook
(207) 791-6327 [email protected]
Twitter: @megan_e_doyle

Noel Gallagher, education
(207) 791-6387 [email protected]
Twitter: @noelinmaine

Gillian Graham, Biddeford
(207) 791-6315 [email protected]
Twitter: @GrahamGillian

Dennis Hoey, nights, general assignment
(207) 791-6365 [email protected]
Twitter: @DennisHoey

Joe Lawlor, health care, social services
(207) 791-6376 [email protected]
Twitter: @joelawlorph

Kevin Miller, environment
(207) 791-6312 [email protected]
Twitter: @KevinMillerPPH

Edward D. Murphy, courts and justice
(207) 791-6465 [email protected]
Twitter: @EdMurphyPPH

Bill Nemitz, news columnist
[email protected]
Twitter: @BillNemitz

Beth Quimby, weekend reporter
(207) 791-6363 [email protected]
Twitter: @bquimby

Eric Russell, general assignment
(207) 791-6344 [email protected]
Twitter: @PPHEricRussell

Scott Thistle, state government
(207) 791-6330; Augusta (207) 620-7016 [email protected]
Twitter: @thisdog

Colin Woodard, state and national affairs
(207) 791-6317 [email protected]
Twitter: @WoodardColin


Steve Craig, reporter
(207) 791-6413 [email protected]
Twitter: @SteveCCraig

Deirdre Fleming, outdoors reporter
(207) 791-6452 [email protected]
Twitter: @FlemingPph

Glenn Jordan, reporter
(207) 791-6425 [email protected]
Twitter: @GlennJordanPPH

Mike Lowe, reporter
(207) 791-6422 [email protected]
Twitter: @MikeLowePPH

Kevin Thomas, reporter
207-791-6411 [email protected]
Twitter: @ClearTheBases


Meredith Goad, food
(207) 791-6332 [email protected]
Twitter: @MeredithGoad

Bob Keyes, arts
(207) 791-6457 [email protected]
Twitter: @pphbkeyes

Aimsel Ponti, music,
(207) 791-6455 [email protected]
Twitter: @Aimsel

Mary Pols, general assignment
(207) 791-6456 [email protected]
Twitter: @MaryPols

Ray Routhier, pop culture, general assignment
(207) 791-6454 [email protected]
Twitter: @RayRouthier

* If you would like your event listings to be considered for print – and appear on our website – enter them into our online calendar at: All are welcome to contribute. Email your questions about listings to: [email protected] or call 791-6455.


Gregory Rec, Chief photographer
[email protected]
Twitter: @gregoryrec

Jill Brady, photographer
[email protected]

Derek Davis, photographer
[email protected]

John Ewing, photographer
[email protected]

Ben McCanna, photographer
[email protected]
Twitter: @BenMcCanna

Shawn Patrick Ouellette, photographer
[email protected]
Twitter: @souellette

Joel Page, photographer
[email protected]

Brianna Soukup, photographer
[email protected]

Carl D. Walsh, photographer
[email protected]

News Graphics Artists

Michael Fisher
(207) 791-6386 [email protected]


Jeff Ham, copy editor – nights
(207) 791-6437 [email protected]

Julia McCue, database editor
(207) 791-6389 [email protected]

Christian MilNeil, producer
(207) 791-6307 [email protected]
Twitter: @c_milneil

Carol Semple, copy editor
(207) 791-6371 [email protected]

Rick Wakely, copy editor
(207) 791-6395 [email protected]

Reader Services

Reader Services Department
(207) 791-6393 [email protected]

Melanie Creamer, news assistant
(207) 791-6361 [email protected]
Twitter: @MelanieCreamer

Deb Sayer, news assistant
(207) 791-6308 [email protected]

Leadership Team

Lisa DeSisto, CEO/Publisher
(207) 791.6630 [email protected]
Twitter: @MaineLisaD

Barbara Bock, Vice President/Advertising
(207) 791.6206 [email protected]

Matt Fulton, Vice President/Digital Development
(207) 791.6631 [email protected]

Jody Marra, Vice President/Human Resources
(207) 791.6540 [email protected]

Stefanie Manning, Vice President/Circulation and Marketing
(207) 791.6201 [email protected]
Twitter: @shmanning

Stewart Wright, Chief Information Officer
(207) 791.6785 [email protected]