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Derek grew up in New York, while spending part of his summers in Maine, where he developed an appreciation for its wild landscape and natural beauty. Moving from a metropolitan area to the wide-open spaces of Maine felt like an escape to an earlier time when life was simpler, he says. The air seemed pure and the dark night skies were both quiet and alive. After graduating from the University of New England in Biddeford, Derek started his photojournalism career at a newspaper in White Plains, NY. In 2004, he moved to Scarborough and joined the staff at the Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram. He lives with his wife and three children in Scarborough. His favorite assignments are photographing the outdoors of Maine, especially along the coast, and covering local sporting events.

  • Published
    March 20, 2023

    In photos: The Baxter Seagulls basketball team takes to the court

    The Seagulls represent the Maine Educational Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing/Governor Baxter School for the Deaf. For the first time in years, the organization fielded a middle school basketball team.

  • Published
    March 8, 2023

    In photos: See the action from Wednesday’s high school postseason games

    Check out some of our favorite images from Wednesday’s high school hockey semifinal games.

  • Published
    March 7, 2023

    In photos: See the action from Tuesday’s high school postseason games

    Check out some of our favorite images from Tuesday’s high school basketball tournaments.

  • Published
    January 29, 2023

    In photos: After some dustings, snow finally makes clean sweep over Maine

    Winter made itself known slowly this year, with only a few light snows by the time the season officially began. By then, some of us were already muttering that Maine winters as we once knew them were over.
    That all changed in recent days, with storm after storm blanketing everything in white, and Press Herald photographers were there to chronicle the season’s first big performance.

  • Published
    December 28, 2022

    2022 Photos Of The Year: Seeking new lives in Maine

    Hundreds of asylum seekers continued to arrive in Maine in 2022, overwhelming cities and towns’ ability to house them and provide basic needs. While asylum seekers fleeing violence in their own countries are allowed to remain in the U.S. while making their case to immigration courts, federal law requires a months-long wait for work permits. Throughout the year, Press Herald photographers documented their new lives in Maine.

  • Published
    December 14, 2022

    In photos: Best of November

    As the year neared its end, November brought unusually warm days, but also the first snow – even if most of it was man-made at ski areas. Like every year, there were veterans to honor and winners and losers in high school sports championships. We got to see the United States play, and even score a few, in the World Cup. On Election Day voters went to the polls in a high-stakes race for governor. These events, plus more moments of beauty and intimacy captured by Portland Press Herald photographers, are in this photo gallery.

  • Published
    November 13, 2022

    One of Us: Perhaps you’ve seen him out running. They call him ‘the Route 1 Boxer.’

    ‘It’s the most fun I’ve ever had in my whole life – just on top of the world.’

  • Published
    October 19, 2022

    Photos: Maine shows off in the fall

    Our state, looking glorious in the colors of autumn.

  • Published
    October 10, 2022

    In photos: A sunrise celebration of Indigenous Peoples Day

    On Indigenous Peoples Day, a group gathers at the Presumpscot River in Westbrook at sunrise to greet and honor the day. Photos by Press Herald photographer Derek Davis.

  • Published
    October 5, 2022

    In photos: Best of September

    September is our transition from summer into fall, a time of fairs and apples, classes and school sports. But this September also saw a wave of violent crime in Portland, a public housing high-rise that was without electricity for days after a storm, and the arrival of rescued beagles. Here are some of the best photos of the month from Press Herald photographers.