Coach: Linwood Downs, first year

Last year: 0-8

Returning starters: 17

Impact players: Collin Downs, senior, QB/DB; Jacob Halberg, senior, LB: Taylor Harrison, senior, OT/DT; Adam Landwehr, senior, LB; Owen Mahan, senior, OL/DL; Jacob Powers, senior, RB/OLB

Outlook: The Windjammers expect to improve during their second season of competition in Eastern Class B. “We hope to improve week to week and earn a playoff berth,” Downs said. Many of the players on the squad have been playing football since the seventh and eighth grades, so there’s no lack of experience. However, depth could be a problem. “If we stay healthy, we should have a good season.” Downs said.


Coach: Aaron Filieo, seventh year

Last year: 11-1, Western Maine champions

Returning starters: 7

Impact players: Jack Barber, senior, FB/LB; Kyle Danielson, senior, TE/DE; Jack McDonald, senior, OT/MLB; Andrew Lavallee, junior, OL/DL

Outlook: The Capers may have just enough talent and experience to stay in the race for a fifth consecutive appearance in the regional final. “We’ve got some guys up front,” Filieo said. “We just have to replace some skill players.” Lavallee and McDonald bring plenty of size to the offensive line. Much of the backfield will come from a junior varsity team that went 6-4-1 last season.


Coach: John Fitzsimmons, fourth year

Last year: 5-4

Returning starters: 17

Impact players: Zack Alexander, senior, QB/ILB; Caleb Bowden, senior, RB/DB; Andrew Edwards, senior, OT/DT; Jack Horton, senior, OG/DE; David Goodrich, senior, PK/WR/DB; Storm McGovern, senior, OT/MLB; Greg Oulton, senior, C/TE/DE; Jack Cooleen, junior, WR.

Outlook: The Yachtsmen appear ready to make a run for their second spot in the playoffs in three seasons. “This is the best athletic team we’ve ever put on the field,” Fitzsimmons said. “We have good size in the front line and our skilled players are blessed with speed and good hands.” Last season, Alexander passed for 750 yards, Bowden averaged more than 5.4 yards per carry, and the 6-4 Cooleen caught 33 passes for 660 yards. The 6-2, 225-pound Horton is a terror on defense.


Coach: David Turner, third year

Last year: 3-6

Returning starters: 9

Impact players: Peter Bacchiocchi, senior, FB/ILB; Brandon Daigle, senior, OL/DL; Gio DeFasio, senior, OL/DL; Nate Hill, senior, OT/DL: Colby Locke, senior, OL/DL; Bobby Ramsay, junior, OL/ILB; Kyle Bonner, sophomore, HB/WR/DB

Outlook: A corps of experienced linemen on both offense and defense could help the Raiders deal with an extremely tough Western Class B schedule.“We have good size, but we’re not terribly fleet of foot,” Turner said. “We have some experience up front, but we don’t have much experience in the backfield.” Ten of 32 players on the squad are freshmen.


Coach: Phil Prideaux, first year

Last year: 4-5

Returning starters: 2 Impact player: Josh Bagdon, junior, T/DE

Outlook: The Patriots have a new head coach in Prideaux, who served as an assistant last season. Two thirds of the 33 players on the squad are freshmen and sophomores. “I got kids who have very little football experience,” Prideaux said. “We’ve got good kids here, but it’s just going to be a big-time rebuilding year.” Bagdon, who plays up front on both offense and defense, is the lone returning starter on either side of the ball.


Coach: David Higgins, second year

Last year: 2-7

Returning starters: 17

Impact players: Mike Burgess, senior, OG/DT; Jon Higgins, senior, OT/MLB; Justin Moore, senior, QB/SB/S; Alex Parenteau, senior, FB/DE; Ethan Wyman, senior, SB/OLB; Mike Leeman, junior, QB/CB; Svenn Jacobson, sophomore, FB/LB

Outlook: With 13 lettermen returning, the Rangers expect to improve upon last season’s record. “We think we’re going to be a force to be reckoned with,” Higgins said. Last fall, Greely struggled on offense. “We moved the ball, but we just couldn’t put it in the end zone,” Higgins said. Now, after one full season with the triple option, Higgins expects the Rangers will put up points.


Coach: Jason Simmons, second year

Last year: 1-8

Returning starters: 12

Impact players: Tristen Lacey, senior, WB/S; Matt Schreiber, senior OT/DE; Adam Shane, senior, G/LB; Mike Shea, senior, WB/LB; Zach Simmons, senior, FB/LB; Jake Anderson, junior, OLB; Jamie Anderson, junior, OLB; Kamen Scott, junior, G/DE; Cody Gibbons, freshman, WB/CB; Jonah Simmons, freshman, WB/CB

Outlook: An experienced offensive line could put the Lakers into the Western Class B playoff picture. “We are vastly improved on the offensive line in technique and strength, and we have more depth at running back,” Simmons said. “I think we have a definite shot at being a playoff team.”


Coach: Jason Darling, first year

Last year: 7-3, Eastern Class B semifinals

Returning starters: 4

Impact players: Zach Kidney, senior, OL/NG; Kevin McKellar, sophomore, QB/S; Everett Moye, senior, WR/CB; Tanner Scott, junior, OT/DT; Wade Hunt, junior, TE/DE; D’Vaughn Myers, sophomore, TB/CB; Jay York, senior, OG/MLB

Outlook: During the past two years, the Shipbuilders have lost 30 starters to graduation, so the squad is short on experience. “We’ve got some great athletes, but we just have to see what they have on the field,” said Darling, who moved up from coaching the junior varsity team. “We got a lot of speed, but not a lot of size.” A talented group of sophomores will provide depth.


Coach: Jim Aylward, 21st year

Last year: 8-3, Western Maine runner-up

Returning starters: 7

Impact players: Josh Allen, senior, HB; Taylor Bradley, senior, HB; Christian Durland, senior, TE/DE; Cam Kaubris, senior, QB/DB; Tyler Mason, senior, HB; Ryan Glover, junior, OL/DL

Outlook: Bradley, the leading rusher at Class A Skowhegan last fall, adds depth to a talented backfield. However, rebuilding the offensive and defensive lines remains a priority, as the Falcons graduated a lot of starting and reserve linemen. “If we can develop a solid line on both sides of the ball, we expect to compete each week,” Aylward said. “We have a lot of work ahead of us.”


Coach: Mark Soehren, third year

Last year: 0-9

Returning starters: 15

Impact players: Cam Woodford, senior, FB/ILB; Conrad Labbe, senior, FB/ILB; Frank Benedict, senior, OL/DL; Mike Adams, senior, OL/DE; Connor King, senior, TE/DE; Jake Moody, senior, SE/OLB; Derek Hanscom, senior, SE/FS; Tyler Sturtevant, sophomore, RB/OLB

Outlook: The Knights are looking to be more competitive than last season. “We have been talking about our seniors’ legacy for (Poland) football,” Soehren said. “Their goal is to take the program from simply existing to competing for wins each game.” Last season, the Knights averaged five fumbles per game, so a reduction in the rate of turnovers is important.


Coach: Tim Roche, 12th year

Last year: 6-4, Western Maine semifinals

Returning starters: 6

Impact players: Paul McDonough, junior, QB/CB; Chad Whitten, senior, RB/ILB; Nate Chase, senior, RB/S; J.T. Sherburne, senior, RB/OLB; Mike Moats, senior, RB/DB; Jake Molloy, senior, RB/LB; Louis Ditomasso, junior, RB/LB; Eliott Parquette, junior, C; Alex Robinson, senior, OT/DT; Andrew Staples, junior, G/DT; Josh Ingalls, junior, TE/DE

Outlook: The Warriors have plenty of depth in the backfield and secondary. “Our depth in the backfield should make us a stronger team by the end of the season,” Roche said. The offensive line, however, remains a work in progress. “I like the kids we have up front,” Roche said. “We just need to keep doing a lot of skill work.” Returning for his second season at QB, the elusive McDonough is especially adept at running the option.


Coach: Randy Small, 14th year

Last year: 8-2, Western Maine semifinals

Returning starters: 18

Impact players: Chris Cole, senior, QB/OLB; Jack Radke, senior, FB/LB; Alex Seac, senior, OT/DT; Drew Sheehan, senior, OG/DT; Brad Stephens, senior, TB/LB; Aaron Prugar, junior, TB/OLB; Austin Wallace, junior, TE/DE

Outlook: Despite the graduation of Class B Player of the Year Jared Prugar, the Wildcats retain a solid nucleus and should be in contention for a Western Class B title. There is plenty of experience up front and in the backfield. “We’ve got some good depth in a lot of areas,” Small said. “But people have to play well if we’re going to do anything.” Radke, Stephens and Aaron Prugar, Jared’s younger brother, should provide a strong running attack.