Here are the latest donations to the Bruce Roberts Toy Fund:

Previously acknowledged: $50,539.50

Elizabeth Johnson $100

In loving memory of Jim and Madeline Pillsbury and Edwin Douglas $25

In loving memory of Grace L. Field — Sumner M. Field $100

Just my Bill $25

In memory of Derek $50

In honor of my sisters and brother, Nancy Keeler, Betsey Webber, Jerry Webber and Mary Taylor. Merry Christmas — Jerry Angier $100

Molly, Maggie and the girls $40

In appreciation of Pastor Bill — St. Ansgar Sewing Ladies $50

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to a great group of volunteers. You make it all happen! — M. Barbara Eddy $100

In memory of Mert and Prudy Leary $100

In memory of Moxie and Tar Sherman — Frisky Sherman $100

In lieu of Christmas Cards. Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy 2011. — Nancy and Larry Shackley $25

Insurance Trust $50

In loving memory of Margo and Bill Wright $100

Burnell’s Towing $50

In loving memory of Keith Leighton $10

In memory of our nephew Joe — Richard and Joanne Sullivan $100

Anonymous $200

Richard and Evelyn Leriche $100

Merry Xmas — Everett and Margaret Mathews $50

The members of North Scarborough Grange $47

Melissa H.Costello $35

Anonymous $50

Jane S. Moody $50

Derinda W. Cluff $25

Hunter and Jasper $25

In Memory of a Mother’s LoveGTW $100

Murray Family Foundation $100

Kenneth and Nancy Gordon $100

In memory of Dr.and Mrs. Eugene McManamy $25

In honor of Lee and Mara and in memory of Joshua $30

From POP $30

Brian, Maribeth and Sean Williamson $100

Freeman and Associates $50

Merry Xmas! — Carol Poirier $25

Dick and Ann Couillard $50

Anonymous $50

In memory of Ray D. Gibson $10

In memory of Dwight Packard $130

Georgietta Varrell $100

Cody the Coon Cat $75

John and Judith Rastl $200

Frank and Nancy Fowles $50

In loving memory of Francis and Helen Ball McDonald, who always made Christmas special– Steve, Maureen and Katie Farrell $30

In memory of Bump — Amanda, Kyra and Susan $20

William and Delrene Goodnow $50

Reta J. Morrill $25

Anna, Louis and Marie $10

Merry Christmas — Kathy and Jerry Lapointe $50

Nathaniel and Karen Hammond $100

Stanley Allain and Kathleen Murray–Allain $300

In loving memory of Joseph D. and Mary H. Rourke and Martin and Catherine Murphy $100

In loving memory of Thomas J. and Elizabeth G. Murphy $100

From the Christmas gathering of 2010 $90

Ruth Minihane $25

In loving memory of Mike Johnston, Sr. from wife Dale $25

Irene S. Zeller $100

Bowdoin Medical Group Offices, South Portland $63.04

In memory of our parents, Mr. and Mrs. John H. Plaisted and Mr. and Mrs. Antonio J. Boucher — Richard and Nancy Plaisted $25

Frederick and Diane Kaufman $25

Merry Christmas from Gidion and Violet $50

In memory of Marie $25

Patricia and Edward Kalinoski $20

In loving memory of Davey Cousins — Mom and Dad $20

In memory of John L.Myers, M.D. $75

In memory of Frank S. O’Donnell $50

Thomas and Elna Ann Stone $50

Today’s total: $4,360.04

Total to date: $54,899.54