WESTBROOK — The city has issued a permit to allow Pike Industries to blast rock at its Spring Street quarry.

The permit, issued Tuesday, would allow eight blasts before Dec. 31. Before the first blast can occur, however, Pike has to post a notice on the city’s website two weeks prior, which it hadn’t done as of this morning.

Jonathan Olson, Pike’s regional manager, did not immediately return a phone call seeking information about how many blasts were planned before the end of the year and when they would start.

In order to receive the permit, the city’s code enforcement officer, planner and engineer had to approve improvements made to the quarry, as laid out in a consent agreement among Pike, the city and nearby Idexx Laboratories.

The consent agreement, signed last fall, was the result of a years-long battle between Pike and its neighbors about whether the quarrying company should be allowed to blast rock on Spring Street.

The accord required Pike to install $1 million worth of site improvements, including a new access road from Spring Street, berms and other buffering. It also limited the number of blasts allowed to eight per calendar year.