Campaign manager doesn’t know if Bachmann’s done

Michele Bachmann’s campaign manager says it’s hard to tell whether she will continue her campaign after a bleak showing in the Iowa caucuses.

Asked if he could say with certainty whether the Minnesota congresswoman would go forward with her candidacy, campaign manager Keith Nahigian said: “I don’t know yet.”

Bachmann’s sixth-place showing was a sharp turn for her after finishing in first place during the Iowa GOP’s summer straw poll.


State Republican official says recount is out of the question

If the results of the Iowa caucuses are too close to call, they’ll stay that way. Iowa state GOP official Doug Heye said Tuesday there will be no recount, even if Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney are exceptionally close when the vote count is finished.

Heye said votes were counted under the supervision of campaign representatives, who certified the totals. He said the numbers were double-checked when they were reported to state officials, and there is no reason to check them again.