PORTLAND – The Cheverus football team keeps turning out linemen to open holes for its talented backs. The Stags have Jim and Dan Peabody-Harrington.

They both play guard but, more than that, they are brothers who are part of triplets at the school.

While they play football, their sister, Laura Peabody-Harrington, plays field hockey in the fall as well as lacrosse in the spring for the Stags.

Dan is the oldest of the three, followed by Jim and Laura.

Patsy Fowler, Cheverus’ assistant athletic director, calls the siblings “the three PH’s.” They’re also known as the three Peabody-Harringtons around school.

Jim started at guard for the Stags last season, which makes him one of the two returning starters in the line. The other is center Pat Ball. Jim plays right guard and Dan is at left guard.

“We basically do the same blocks,” said Jim.

In most games the Peabody-Harringtons are facing bigger opponents across the line of scrimmage.

“We use our conditioning and athleticism to gain an edge,” said Dan.

“We want to play physical, fundamental football.”

Added his brother: “We play hard for 48 minutes and let our conditioning play the game for us.”

Dan had to wait until his senior year to start.

He played behind Mike Dedian last season.

“I played in some (junior varsity) games last year,” said Dan. “I also played on scout teams during practice and got in the games on special teams. Even though I didn’t have a lot of varsity experience, I had practice time experience going against some of the best linemen in the league.”

Peabody-Harrington knew the upperclassmen had earned their playing time last season but that didn’t lessen his desire to start. He didn’t begrudge his brother for starting as a junior. The two are best friends and together nearly all the time.

“It didn’t bother me that he was starting,” said Dan. “It bothered me that I wasn’t starting. We’re a competitive team and everyone wants to play.”

The Peabody-Harringtons play the same styles. They know they have to be fundamentally sound to be able to compete against the bigger defensive linemen in Western Class A.

“Dan is as good a blocker as I am,” said Jim. “It was a positional thing as to why I started as a junior. There’s a few more specialty things in being a right guard. There’s no difference in the way I block and the way Dan does.”

Coach John Wolfgram is glad he has the twins in the line. With three lineman having graduated from last season, there was a question how it would play this season.

After two games there’s no drop-off from a year ago.

“They’re both high-quality kids,” said Wolfgram, who has coached his share. “They’re bright and do well in school. Jim and Dan are very fundamentally sound players.”

This season the Peabody-Harrington family initiated interior linemen dinners every Thursday night at their home in South Portland.

There might be some special food requests, but basically the menu is whatever Carol Harrington, their mother, is serving. High school linemen really aren’t too fussy when it ccmes to eating.

“It gives us a great chance to relax and have fun before the game,” said tackle Matt Cushing.

Next year the Peabody-Harringtons likely will head to different colleges, and they’re not looking forward to separating.

“We’re not really thinking about that,” said Jim. “Each week we’re focused on our next game. We’re very proud of being a part of this program.”

The Stags are on a 26-game winning streak over three seasons.

They’ve accomplished it with their assortment of stars and their interior people, like the Peabody-Harringtons, who do the blue-collar work.

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