Faces & Places – 3/27

 A baseball and baseball glove circa 1910 made by the Bean Brothers of Freeport. The ball and glove were found on Durham Road in Freeport and donated to the Freeport Historical Society. The antique items came out for the group’s Lunch with Locals series March 22, a scant 12 days before professional baseball’s opening day.

Freeport Historical Society archivist Ned Allen before the start of Lunch with Locals series on March 22. The gathering was the third of a scheduled four events where locals can see historical items, chat with historians, and enjoy coffee and cookies.

Freeport Historical Society consultant Ron Kly examines an antique pistol during the group’s Lunch with Locals series March 22. Kly said his job is to help integrate donated items into a collection and determine their value respective to the historical narrative of a particular town. In other words, just because something is old doesn’t mean it’s valuable, said Kly. Staff photo by Matthew Stilphen

Retired photojournalist Paul Cunningham with Clarabell Manstaller at the Freeport Historical Society’s Lunch with Locals series. 

Kim Vasel, Freeport Historical Society events coordinator, before the start of the Lunch with Locals event. Vasel said the series has been very popular, but will end on April 15 with the fourth and final event. “It’s easy to remember: Tax Day. I guarantee it’ll be more interesting than filing your taxes,” said Vasel.

L.L. Bean employee Mark Ferrence takes a closer look at a few of the items on display the start of the Freeport Historical Society’s Lunch with Locals.

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