Brand: Mitsubishi
Model: Outlander
Category: Compact SUV
Weight: 3,600 lbs.
Length: 183”
Engine: 2.4 L; L-4; 166 hp/ 3.0 L; V-6; 224 hp
Transmissions: CVT automatic / 6-speed automatic
Passengers: 5

Mitsubishi Canada has had a lot of success recently with its popular Outlander SUV. Both front- and allwheel drive models have satisfied a lot of customers with their great reliability, good fuel economy, and incredible traction in winter. Always striving to stay in tune with the times, Mitsubishi has nevertheless completely redesigned this compact light truck.

Fear not, the new Outlander has kept all its attributes and is now even better than before. The main body remains almost the same, although many parts have been redone not only for style but also for better fuel economy. Take, for instance, the front end; gone is the massive aggressive looking grille. It has been replaced by a more aerodynamic design that yields better fuel economy.

Much of the interior has been retouched with more modern amenities, and the base engine has been completely re-engineered for—you guessed it—better fuel economy. In fact, Mitsubishi has adopted a new singlecam approach that reduces friction to achieve its fuel saving goals. But fear not; all the great off-road abilities of the Outlander remain the same, if not better.

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