The Family Focus Early Learning Centers in both Bath and Brunswick offer a Pre-K program designed to assist four year old children in successfully entering kindergarten.

The Bath Early Learning Center is a partner in the C. H. O. I. C. E. S. ( Children Having Opportunities In Collaborative Early Settings) Pre-K program collaborative with RSU# 1. This program is for 4 year old children living in the communities served by RSU#1 and one of 200 in the state of Maine.

The decision to implement a public preschool program is made by the local school unit, dependent upon local school board approval.

The Tools of the Mind is the research-based curriculum used in the Family Focus Pre-K program. The “tools of the mind” refer to the mental tools that help us to attend, remember, and think better. Language, a major tool which allows us to problem solve, understand, and communicate, also leads us to learning how to regulate our own behavior and thinking.

This self- regulation is the foundation for helping children develop socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively. With the teachers’ guidance, children grow and develop into independent and creative tool users and makers. Family Focus uses daily observation and formal assessments to individually plan for each child’s developmental level.

Literacy, math, science, creative arts, and physical development are taught using the child’s natural inclination to play, to imitate, and to experiment. The children who complete the Family Focus Pre-K program are well prepared to begin their kindergarten experience.

Family Focus is proud to announce that this June twelve children completed the Pre-K program at the Brunswick Early Learning Center and sixteen children completed the program at the Bath Early Learning Center. These children will be attending Dike-Newell, Phippsburg Elementary, West Bath, Coffin, Woodside and Williams Cone Elementary schools this fall.

In addition to an excellent curriculum, Family Focus also offers families the opportunity for wraparound child care. Both of our Early Learning Centers are accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). We are extremely proud of our highly educated staff employees: Five have Associates Degrees, nine have a BS or BA degree and three have Master’s Degrees.

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