Topsham voters will decide next month who will represent them in the State Legislature. Fortunately, there is one excellent candidate: Denise Tepler. I’ve known Denise for more than 30 years as a friend and as a colleague in serving the citizens of Topsham. On the School Board and the Town Finance Committee, Denise has worked to control taxes here in Topsham even as she sought to ensure that the Town could provide the services that we all need: good schools, effective police and fire protection, a clean environment, and economic development. She knows the hardship that has been created when the current administration in Augusta has sought to cut aid local towns.

In all of her public service, I have seen Denise work hard to understand issues. She listens to understand anyone who has sought her ear. Denise has a solid track record of working with all interests to get the best result for the people of Topsham. We need Denise in Augusta to reverse the partisanship that has held us all back.

I will be voting for Denise on Election Day because I know that she has the qualities we need in Augusta: Commitment, experience and a passion for what’s best for Topsham and our State.

Tim Glidden