Michael Harris practices his leather craft at Desert Moon Leather in Biddeford.

Harris started crafting leather in his basement, working on commission to create handmade bags and accessories and doing custom leather work.

Then, in 2014, Harris won the Heart of Biddeford award, which allowed him to open his shop on the city’s Main Street. The bricks-and-mortar location has resulted in more commission work, some of which has been quite unique.

“I had a woman come in, and something on her motorcycle would occasionally burn her leg, and so she wanted a piece of custom leather shaped like a crow, with its wings coming out around her leg, to protect herself. And believe it or not, I get a lot of wrestling belts (for commission). There are two guys out of Massachusetts who collect them,” Harris said.

Since expanding his business to include retail items, such as full leather hides, tools and metal fixtures, Harris has also been able to start teaching classes.

“It’s the little things that have surprised me. Around the shop I can show people how to use tools, and then I’ve been surprised how much I enjoy doing classes, especially when someone gets excited about it,” Harris said.