Amy Beck Nashwinter, 44, tries to better align Mainers with their well-being at the Riverside Chiropractic Center in Eliot.

She opened the practice in 2013 and offers chiropractic acupuncture, pediatric chiropractic, therapeutic muscle work and nutritional supplements.

“I like helping people put their body in the right environment for natural healing,” she said, “steering people toward healthy behaviors and better choices, and helping to create the mindset for self-care without relying on medicine.”

Nashwinter earned her chiropractic degree from Parker University in Texas. She specializes in chiropractic acupuncture and holds both a Maine chiropractic license and a chiropractic acupuncture license.

In her practice, she emphasizes that emotional and nutritional stressors factor in just as much as physical stressors in how a person feels or heals.

Like many medical professionals, the least favorite part of her job is dealing with insurance companies.