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Top 10 earners

* Earnings can include salary, plus overtime pay, retirement benefits & other compensation.

Public employees earning $100,000 or more

Highest paid public employees by gender

Men hold nearly all of the top jobs in local government, while women account for more than half of school employees who earned at least $100,000 last year. Here are the breakdowns by gender of the 138 public employees in 12 greater Portland communities who earned at least $100,000 in 2016, and gender breakdowns of the chief executives in those communities.

Municipal departments – $100,000 earners
81% male

School departments – $100,000 earners
45% male

All $100,000 earners
60% male

School superintendents
10 men; 2 women

Municipal managers
12 men


Individuals cities/towns and schools

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