PORTLAND — The city has scheduled the implementation of five citizen referendums approved by voters Nov. 3.
The minimum minimum wage increase will go into effect in January 2022 and the facial recognition technology ban, introduction of Green New Deal practices, new rent control measures and changes to the marijuana ordinance will be effective beginning Sunday, Dec. 6.
The scheduling was determined after three executive sessions with city staff, attorneys and councilors between Nov. 10-23.
“I’d like to thank the public for its patience as the council and city staff worked through the process to review the five ordinances that received voter approval. As folks know, the referendum questions represent significant policy making for Portland,” Mayor Kate Snyder said in a statement. “City staff are developing implementation plans consistent with, and faithful to, the policies that have been developed by community groups.”
The city will provide information on its website this week on how “to understand and implement the language in each of the ordinances,” she said.