“As one of three sisters myself (the eldest!), a novel featuring a similar trio will always grab my attention. Two novels I’ve read this past year feature this theme and I loved them both. For an added bonus (in my opinion), both rotate among the three sisters throughout the novels so you can enjoy their different points of view and voices as you progress through the stories.

“I just finished ‘One Two Three’ by Laurie Frankel and raced through it. A story about environmental justice, coming of age, and the love of community and family. The sisters in this tale have grown up in a small town in the aftermath of a disaster 17 years prior which turned the local river green – and caused many other consequences for the town. The characters are clearly painted and come alive on the page. And each character serves as a reminder of how we can all use our own strengths to fight for what is right (especially with a sister or two by your side).

“‘The Once and Future Witches’ by Alix E. Harrow was a read last fall, and I’ve recommended it

countless times since. When the tale begins, our three sisters are separated, but their lives are again intertwined in the fight for suffrage – and the reclaiming of witchcraft – in the town of New Salem. With a mysterious illness moving through the town, a fringe politician gaining power and other strange happenings, readers will find plenty of threads relevant to our current times. Although the backdrop is different, some of the same themes emerge: How can we fight for justice? How can the strength of a community help us through? How do we balance loyalty to our families and to ourselves?

“Both authors have engaging voices that pulled me immediately into their worlds. Both made me laugh, made me cry, and, as always, made me thankful for sisters.” — ANNA LIBBY, Mt. Vernon

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