One of the special things about Scarborough when we first moved here was its almost rural atmosphere.

Now we hear that Wal-Mart wants to expand and bring in more services, including groceries, to compete with our local merchants. I am definitely opposed to the idea not only for the increase in traffic, but for other reasons.

The intrusion of Wal-Mart would certainly dislodge many small businesses that now serve our community. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy.

Wal-Mart, without a doubt, has the least regard for its employees. There are very few full time positions with benefits. In third world countries, including China, Wal-Mart makes abundant use of sweatshops. There is total disregard for people’s rights; international labor laws are completely ignored. Wal-Mart sells some things at lower prices than other stores, but check out the majority of their items. A good reference is the Frontline program which recently aired: “Is Wal-Mart Good for America.”

Research has found that a town or city loses money with Wal-Mart: The cost of services that they require exceeds the taxes that are paid.

Scarborough citizens need to get involved and let our town officials know how they stand on this important issue before it is too late.

Pauline E. Michaud


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