I am an eighth grade student from Jordan Small Middle School in Raymond. I think we should have a social worker at our school all of the time. Kids, teachers and parents need someone to talk to if there are problems and they do not know how to handle them. If there is an emergency in the school it is important to have a social worker in the school to calm the kids down and help the teacher manage the situation in their classrooms.

Our middle school social worker has helped me and my friends a lot. She has helped us with social problems, private problems, school problems and other outside problems. If we did not have the social worker, we would not know how to deal with our stress. Kids would be getting into a lot more trouble and their pride and feelings would be getting hurt a lot more often. I feel that if we do not have a full-time social worker the school will fall apart. It will be a much sadder place.

I think the public should be more informed and should have the right to speak up and insist we keep our social worker. The parents and taxpayers have the right to spend money on a social worker if they want one. I think the school board and superintendent should voice their opinion, but they need to listen to other people. The opinions of the kids, parents and teachers are important. The kids, parents and teachers wanted a full-time social worker at Jordan Small School, not a social worker 1.5 days per week.

I know that I am leaving JSMS to go to high school next year but I think this is important because my friends who are still in middle school will need a full-time social worker to talk to. My friends that are entering middle school will be scared and a social worker can help them out and teach them to understand their feelings. When I have a hard day in high school it will be good to know that the social worker is here and I can call her or come visit her. I think all the younger kids in Raymond have the right to have a social worker help them with all of the problems that they come across in middle school just like I did. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.

Chey King


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