Public Works in Standish is mainly responsible for the maintenance and upgrade of the municipal road infrastructure and the transfer station, which handles the residential waste generated in Standish. The department presently has 11 full-time employees.

Winter is finally relaxing its grasp on us as the warming days of spring arrive. During the past winter we had three snow events that received Disaster Declarations from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which allow the town to apply for reimbursements for those storms.

The department is getting started with its spring clean-up of the roads. It is anticipated that the sweeping will be completed by the end of May.

Road projects planned for this coming year include pavement on Boundary Road, Cape Road and Oak Ridge Drive. Parts of the Moody Road and Manchester Road will have some rehabilitation done and then paved. The remaining segment of Milt Brown Road that is gravel will also be paved. New guardrails are planned for Whites Bridge Road in the vicinity of the boat yard and the bridge on Manchester Road is planned for replacement.

The transfer station is preparing for a busy spring clean-up season as well. As the residents begin their cleaning, I remind everyone that a sticker is required and must be attached to the vehicle to use the facility. Many of the non-household waste items have a user fee charge for disposal and the attendants will direct you with the proper disposal. The importance of recycling cannot be overstated. It not only removes the items from the waste stream but also lowers the town’s disposal costs. The town plans to have a Household Hazardous Waste Day in August. On that day the transfer station will accept items like gasoline, oil-based pain, antifreeze and kerosene. Stay tuned for the date and times.