David J. Pitkin, author of “Ghosts of the Northeast,” will speak at the Spaulding Memorial Library on Route 114 in Sebago on Saturday, August 6 at 7 p.m.

He will illustrate the discussion with 20 genuine Maine ghost stories, many of which have never before been told.

A student of the paranormal for over 35 years, Pitkin has written three books on ghosts and apparent hauntings. He seeks to dispel much of the fear created by the entertainment media over the past century about departed souls. His talk will focus on why spirits do not depart the earth immediately and will offer instructions on “how not to become a ghost.”

Since visiting a haunted barn in 1968, then the “Riley House” in Saratoga Springs, NY, he has experienced a number of paranormal events and has collected over 600 such phenomena. As a regular vacationer in Maine, he has accumulated many good Maine ghost stories.

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