The Scarborough School District will begin studying school construction options based on the district’s current grade configuration, rather than making broad changes, as previously proposed.

The district has been studying a number of options for fixing deficiencies at Wentworth Intermediate School and overcrowding at Scarborough Middle School. One option would require selling the town’s three elementary schools and building three new K-5 schools around town.

The latest decision was made in part from the low response to a survey asking residents their opinions on various grade configurations. The lack of response led administrators to think people were comfortable with the current alignment.

And of the approximately 250 respondents to the survey, most said they were in favor of the retaining the current configuration, according to Superintendent Bill Michaud.

Keeping the current grade configuration (of three K-2 schools, one 3-5 school, one 6-8 school and the high school) would likely require an addition to the middle school and renovating or building a new intermediate school.

The options will be discussed at an upcoming facilities meeting in September and will be presented to the school board during a workshop in October.