Before I explain some of the reasons why a Senior Community Center are needed in Scarborough, I should like to address some of the letters that have been appearing in the media.

First of all, some of the seniors who have been working very diligently for a Senior Community Center over the past four years are NOT financially well off, as noted by one recent letter. The monies used to pay for the recent mailing to each home in Scarborough and the printing of the posters were donated funds. All monies received were expended for this literature; no other donations have been received or requested.

A Senior Community Center is needed as a meeting place for the seniors in town to enjoy crafts, educational subjects, lectures, and, above all, companionship. Many of our seniors do NOT have spouses, mates, or significant others to share and help enjoy the so-called “Golden Years.” If not for the senior groups in town, many of these people would be isolated from the community. It is recognized that not all seniors would use the center, but with over 4,000 seniors in town, it will be well utilized. It should also be noted that seniors normally would NOT be using the center during evening hours, when it would be available to other groups in Scarborough.

As to the suggestion that seniors could use church space or even the school cafeterias for their meetings, etc.,, inquiries have been made into such arrangements and found to be unavailable or unacceptable … only times open would be evenings or nights when it is difficult for many seniors who are not prepared to drive after dark.

I would ask your support for a “YES” vote for the Senior Community Center on November 8th. I recognize many of you will NOT use it today, but may in the future…OR maybe your neighbor or relative will enjoy it. We don’t all use the schools, fire, ambulance, or police, but we support them for when and/or if we or our neighbors need the services. So, please consider your “YES” a vote for a better community, something we all can enjoy.

Martin F. Craine Jr.


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