Would you buy a house in today’s real estate market?

Paul Brissette, 64, Standish

“I own a big garrison with a two-car garage and lots of land. But if you compare what I could get for it, you can get a small ranch for the same price. I think the real estate prices are absolutely ridiculous.”

Andre Lacey, 34, Casco

“No. Property taxes are too high. We rent a duplex in Casco. We’d rather own, but as expensive as it is around here with property taxes and mortgages, it is just too expensive.”

Cathy Simmons, 49, Windham

“I just came back from Wyoming two years ago. There, I had a five-room house for $97,000 and my taxes were $600 a year. In the 10 years I stayed there taxes only went up to $800. Back home in Maine, I’m having to rent. You can’t afford to buy a house unless you want to move way up north where there are no jobs available.”

Ernie Allen, 75, Raymond

“No. I would like people to afford to buy a house in today’s market but most of the houses are overpriced. I think the Raymond revaluation will slow up the market mostly because they’ve overvalued properties. They’ve overvalued places on Sebago waterfront and it’s going to place an undue burden on people who own real estate.”

Claudia Whynot, 67, Windham

“No. If I sold my house I would just have to put the money I get from it into another house. The prices are all very exorbitant.”

Sara Phillips, 31, Windham

“The market is good because you can get a lot for the house you have. But it’s not so good because you have to pay more for another house.”

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