The lead article in the Nov. 17 issue is amazing. The drinking policy is too harsh. Excuse me; do we not have a law on the books for Cape Elizabeth and the rest of the state of Maine that says one must not consume alcoholic beverages prior to age 21? Of course we do!

Is there some reason the children in Cape Elizabeth High School and many of their parents don’t understand that law? Why do we continue to coddle our teenagers? The law is the law, and if they get caught breaking it, the penal code applies to them as well as anyone else under the age of 21.

Sure there will be experimentation. That goes with being a teen. Most of us over 21 did experiment and lived to tell about it. We have contracts in the schools today. If the child cannot abide by the contract, don’t sign it. It’s that simple.

We must stop coddling teenagers in the school system. The power of a police record may be an excellent deterrent when one thinks about a college future.

Jerry Angier

Cape Elizabeth

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