Senior travel

Windham Parks and Recreations Department has announced that the following trips, advertised in their Fall brochure, have been cancelled:

Jan. 10 – Shopping trip

Jan. 26 – Blast from the Past

April 2006 – Mohegan Sun

For more information call 892-1905.

Senior Advocates

On Wednesday, Jan. 4, staff from Senior Solutions of SMAAA will be available to help answer questions about Medicare, Social Security and other senior issues in a confidential atmosphere. Please call Virginia 892-3891 to schedule an appointment. This is a FREE service.

The advocate is at Unity Gardens, 124 Tandberg Trail on the first Wednesday of every month.

Standish aims for safe seniors

A new program in the environs of Standish is one more way to make sure senior citizens are safe.

Standish Morning Check-in Program is for seniors and disabled residents of Standish who need that extra reassurance that someone cares.

Citizens will call in confidentially to a designated phone number and talk to a dispatcher or volunteer to let them know that they are okay. The call would be made between 8 and 10 every morning.

If the dispatch center does not hear from you, someone will call to check in and if there is still no response your emergency contact person would be notified.

For additional information about how to participate in this program or be a volunteer for this program, please call Deputy Paul Pettingill of the Cumberland County SheriffA? s Office at 1-800-501-1111.

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