Get ready people for another office building. The park is getting smaller all the time. I can’t believe all the attention to the terrific view of the falls and boardwalk and now a seven story building.

I urge every one that signed the petition and anyone else interested in the park to call your city councilor and express your opinion. Maybe we should organize a rally in the park to protest this ridiculous building by our city council.

We now have the Core building which practically sits on the sidewalk. I would like to know why we are taking care of the landscaping around that building?

The parking garage built for the Dana Warp employees went to Mr. Flannery instead of what it was intended. Isn’t it time we did something for the people of this city and not for what the seven councilors want?

We are in the claws of another Urban Renewal crisis. Soon there isn’t going to be anything but office buildings. They have now cut all the trees in front of the Warren Block. Why do these people hate a blade of grass that people can enjoy?

All these people want is more money to spend and it does not do the taxpayers any good. They were elected to represent the people of this city but so far I have not seen this. They are just interested in their own interests.

I hope people will get on their phones and call and let them know we are tired of these office buildings. We would like something everyone can enjoy, not just seven people.

Leona Glidden


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