Should Maine have an online drug offender registry?

Debbie Sciacca, 52, Sebago

“I say no. I feel drug offenses are more related to the individual rather than offenders such as pedophiles that are preying upon our young people and the innocent. Also, it would cost way too much to maintain. I think my taxpayer dollars can go toward something else. And I don’t know what it would accomplish.”

Sarah Ouellette, 36, Cornish

“I think the more information Mainers have with regard to the potential risks makes us better prepared to make better choices for our children.”

Brittany Butler, 16, Bridgton

“I think it’s a good idea to have that information available so you know who to hang out with and who not to be around.”

Kyle Burrell, 47, Poland

“If it was the first offense I would say no. But if it’s a repeat offender then I would agree, yes.”

Aaron Canfijn, 24, formerly of Windham

“No. It’s such an expansive subject. There’s small-time and big-time offenders. Because it’s so broad I don’t think someone should be stigmatized. But I do agree with the sex offender registry.”

Norman Smith, 46, Casco

“Yes. There’s too much illegal drugs going around and there should be a three-strikes rule. Right now, drug abusers are just getting slaps on the wrist. There’s a lot of drug use in the projects in Portland and Brown Street in Westbrook. You wouldn’t believe the activity going on.”

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