1395: Michael Hutchison points out a drawing he likes to Cory Hutchison, 7, of the Windham Primary School.

1408: Eri Martin, 9, points out a pop art sculpture he likes to Aaron Wright, 11.

1419: Heather Valliere points to a sculpture she likes to her kids Gerry Valliere, 9, and Veronica Valliere, 14,

1420: Veronica Valliere, 14, points to a painting she did of a Godzilla-like creature destroying a city. The assignment focused on sources of light and shading.

1426: Alisha Timmons works on a still life painting while Tirza Clark completes a piece using a computer. Both girls are part of an advanced placement art class at the high school that gives college credits.

1427: Courtney Edison, 18, works on a painting as part of her advanced placement art class at the high school.

1442: Bill Mannette eyes a row of Picasso-style still-life paintings.

1446: These paintings were made by children in Sodegaura, a suburb in Tokyo, and given to Windham as part of an art exchange to show the difference in Eastern and Western techniques.

Tatyana Barankevich: Windham senior Tatyana Barankevich completes a portrait of her immediate family.

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