At Stonehedge on Route 202 in Gray, Russell Jeffords and Sue Poulin are creating a wonderful, clean, healthy family entertainment area with country music. Performing are top local country bands, also big name Nashville bands.

They provide for RV camping, outdoor showers, porta potties, food vendors and a large 100-foot outdoor tent. The grounds and fields are well maintained.

Some of these RVs and campers are placed on an 85-acre wood lot with well maintained dirt roads previously there but widened a little so, if needed, fire trucks and ambulances could have access. No trees were destroyed in either the road widening or area for campers – brush maybe, but no trees.

They also have Halloween parties in the barn and horse-drawn fright rides with the proceeds earned going to a children’s charity. They also have a Christmas party and a sleigh ride, if possible, with the proceeds going to charity. All this has been a great expense to Russ and Sue.

The 85 acres is in a Windham Land Trust program and in most cases is a good program but not in this case. Russ and Sue have poured their hearts and souls and a tremendous amount of money into this venture.

I worked with them and their staff for the first two years in preparing for these events. I saw Russ and Sue and staff members work well into the evening for weeks.

Another important thing is they provide a security staff to make sure it stays as a family atmosphere safe and pleasant stay.

They also provide a staff to keep the grounds clean and help the bands unload and load, and provide people rides to get to the entertainment center and back to their RVs on the grounds only.

The 85 wooded acres are controlled by some type of Land Trust and they want Russ and Sue to stop using it. All there is on this land are a few campers and RVs and a few portable toilets. No permanent structures like hamburger joints, banks, Wal-Marts (thank goodness) or greasy chicken joints. As I said earlier, fright rides, hay and sleigh rides going to children’s charities, a few campers that’s it!

Russ and Sue have beautified the grounds and woods. They cleaned up many dead trees laying there from previous owners and at a hefty expense.

Come on Land Trust don’t be the bad guys, this is a great thing for the people and the town of Gray.

Tree Farms Land Trust and different organizations of this type can be and are great but maybe should bend a little!

There’s been no forest destruction, just improvement. Why would you want to stop this great, clean, family entertainment in Gray? Camping is a large part of this function. Windham Land Trust, be nice!

Frederick Poirier


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