Happy Thanksgiving

I hope you all have a wonderful day filled with family, fellowship and lots of food. As we get into the holiday spirit, I’m again reminded of what a loving, generous community we’re so fortunate to be a part of. Have you seen the donation box at Hannaford? It’s overflowing with what looks like enough food to feed the entire town of Bridgton. It’s nice to see so many caring people thinking of those who might be having a harder time this Thanksgiving. There’s so much love around us, and so many things to be thankful for.

A deep-fried Thanksgiving

Hopefully as you read this I’ve made it safely to Nashville and am celebrating a Southern Thanksgiving with my family.

Back when my mother used to cook, we’d have “Turducken” with giblet gravy, oyster casserole, cheese grits and sweet potato casserole with both candied pecans and a whole bag of marshmallows. That’s what we call “down-home” cookin’. These days we go to a nice restaurant for a more upscale dining experience.

My family prefers this to the diet-busting good old days, but I consider it yet another casualty of the gentrification of the South. Not to worry, because my mother and I are heading out Friday for a trip to the Deep South: New Orleans.

You won’t take the “south” out of Louisiana until the last bit of it slips into the Gulf of Mexico. I’m looking forward to a reunion with friends I made in the months I spent there over the past few years, and am hoping to see some positive progress since my last visit. I’ll keep y’all posted…

We make – you bake

For those of you with no time to cook, the First Congregational Church is here to help. The ladies of the pie baking guild have sharpened their peelers and picked the perfect apples, the better to make you the best pie in town (aside from Celia Sanborn’s, of course!). Their annual apple pie sale is in full swing, and you can pre-order as many as you need. Just call 647-9930 and they’ll be ready for pick-up on Tuesday, Nov., 20 or Wednesday, Nov., 21 at the First Congregational Church, 33 South High Street. All you have to do is pop them in the oven when you’re ready for some homemade apple pie.

“Why Weight?”

A New England Journal of Medicine study has shown that many Americans will gain at least one pound during the holidays. One pound? Please. Ten sounds more like it, especially if you have a weakness for pumpkin pie and eggnog. Why not fight the inevitable by upping your exercise routine and taking proactive steps to balance the scales? That way if you do overindulge a little you won’t feel too guilty about it.

Kyle Conforte of Lakes Region Fitness has arranged for registered Dietician Dona Forke to present a free series called “Why Weight?” to help you fight the good fight. She’ll focus on helping you use strength training and healthy nutrition tips to keep off those pounds that creep up on you. Although the program started last Thursday, like any good diet plan it’s never too late to get started. The second and third sessions will be held on Thursday, Nov. 29 and Thursday, Dec. 13, from 6:30-7:30 p.m. Attend all or just one, as each class will provide different info on the best ways to lose both weight and inches. For more information, call Dona Forke at 221-6508 or e-mail [email protected]

Shawnee Peak pre-season passes

Shawnee Peak is celebrating its 70th anniversary by donating $15 from every “Kid’s Pass” to the Maine Children’s Cancer Center at Maine Medical Center. What a wonderful way to get your family on skis while helping sick children. They’ll also offer a complimentary pass to every patient at the center as well as their parents.

Welcome to the world

Congratulations to Erin Leyton and Matt Plummer, who welcomed their first child, Matthew William Plummer, Jr., on Oct. 21. His proud cousin Hannah Stewart told me that Matthew “has big blue eyes, and he grunts a lot.” Sounds adorable!

I’m outta here

Thanks to Lynne Talbot and Heather Kerby for taking over the column while I’m gone. I’m sure they will offer their unique perspectives on Bridgton, and hope they go easy on me in my absence. Remember, ladies, I’ve got “dirt” on you, too! See you in December!

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