With the opening of Cabela’s and the other businesses in the New England Expedition’s development, the Scarborough Economic Development Corp. Board of Directors felt it appropriate to recognize Harvey Rosenfeld, organization president.

As you may know, Harvey has been president of SEDCO for approximately the same amount of time that the idea of an exit off the turnpike seemed like a possibility. SEDCO was created in 1985 as a result of the encouragement of some local business people and with the support of the town manager and sitting Town Council. Harvey was appointed president in 1988, about the time Maine legislation stated that priority must be given to replacement of existing seasonal exits when new exits were to be built off the turnpike. Little did anyone in Scarborough think it would take another 10 years or so before an exit and connecting road was actually built.

As anyone who has followed the Haigis Parkway’s history of debates and its ultimate vision knows, it’s been a roller coaster of a ride. But now we finally have our first significant, fully operational business. Not only will Cabela’s put Scarborough on the map, the whole New England Expedition development is one of the largest in the state. This development is a perfect example of how SEDCO works.

SEDCO regularly receives inquiries from parties interested in commercial development in the Greater Portland area and in Scarborough in particular. Based on Harvey’s knowledge of the sensitivities of our community, he encourages those opportunities that he sees will promote a healthy business community.

When a confidential inquiry came regarding a large national retailer expressing interest near the turnpike, Harvey was cautious because the vision of the parkway was that of a professional business park. Once he learned more about the large national retailer, Cabela’s, and the impact it might have on Scarborough, he decided to attempt to expand the project, thus partnering New England Expedition with Cabela’s.

Why New England Expedition? Harvey knew of their interest in Scarborough through their previous interest in development in the town. The rest is history and most would agree that this development provides a terrific “Gateway to Scarborough”.

While many deserve credit for the development of the Haigis Parkway as well as the progressive economic development vision of the town, Harvey has been a constant through the years. This project, as with many others in town, illustrates how he has been the catalyst in the fulfillment of many of the commercial enterprises in the community. Harvey’s commercial economic-development philosophy, both espoused by the community and followed by SEDCO, is a model envied by many other communities. Recognizing the potential of a second professional member of the corporation’s staff, Harvey a few years ago added a highly qualified assistant director to SEDCO’s staff. Julie Bassett has ably assisted Harvey as a number of commercial projects have emerged for consideration.

We are fortunate to have an individual of Harvey Rosenfeld’s integrity fulfilling this vision of the community. Now that we’re witnessing the beginning of the end of the development of Haigis Parkway, the board felt this recognition of Harvey Rosenfeld was warranted.

Board of Directors

Scarborough Economic Development Corp.

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