Here we are, nearing another primary election. Usually, I quietly give my few dollars to support a candidate who has gained my confidence and then consider my civic duty done when I vote.

This time, it is different. I need to speak up. I see that we are faced with numerous complex issues, most of them crucial to our present and future well being, all of them interlocked – in some ways apparent and in others, not.

We need legislators who are capable of searching out and understanding which threads in these tangles to pull; legislators who are reasonable in their approach to resolutions; legislators who can interact civilly with others of good will, even if they don’t always have the same views; legislators who listen well to the needs of their own constituents and yet seek for solutions which will not be unfair to those in other parts of the state; legislators who are men and women of great personal integrity.

We are fortunate to have a man with the necessary skills and qualities of character running for state senate. He is Larry Bliss, who has served us well for years in the House of Representatives. I am proud to speak for his candidacy. Check his record in the House for yourself. Hear him speak and ask him your own questions. Perhaps he will measure up to your expectations, too.

Dolores Broberg

South Portland

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