Want a Town Councilor who diligently researches issues? Want a Town Councilor who asks well-thought-out questions? Want a Town Councilor who listens to all sides of an issue before voting?

You already have one: Joe Wrobleski.

Joe has been an outstanding councilor for three years and deserves to be re-elected. Somehow, besides running his private law practice, spending time with his family, and running and biking around town, Joe manages to devote himself to town government.

He is passionate about land use planning. For 10 years he has served on municipal boards to ensure that Falmouth grows wisely, protecting our environmental treasures while extending our tax base in areas appropriate for development under Smart Growth principles.

For two years he has shepherded through the committee process a proposed ordinance to protect vernal pools and wetlands in Falmouth. He has encouraged involvement by developers and large landowners as well as scientists in order to generate an ordinance that is substantive yet fair.

He is fiscally responsible yet was willing to stand up for his neighbors concerned about the possible closing of the Pleasant Hill Fire Station. At a small cost to the town, the station will be mothballed, but not officially closed, for four months to test whether other fire stations can adequately respond to fire and emergency calls in the neighborhood.

Joe is a leader on the council. He deserves your vote June 9.

Bonny Rodden

Falmouth Town Councilor