BELGRADE — The Draggin’ Masters Snowmobiling Club has announced the winners of the 26th annual Belgrade Ice Fishing Derby, held Feb. 14.


FIRST PLACE, $500: 21.26 pounds, 40 inches; Jeff Thebarge, Androscoggin.

SECOND PLACE, $300: 18.41 pounds,411⁄2 inches; Flint Collier, Great Pond.

THIRD PLACE, $200: 18.30 pounds, 40 inches; Mike Crowell, Great Pond.


FIRST PLACE, $75: 2.93 pounds, 181⁄2 inches; Robert Sears, St. George.

SECOND PLACE, $50: 2.60 pounds, 20 inches; Ross Liberty, East Grand.


FIRST PLACE, $75: 3.61 pounds, 19 inches; Dan McAllister, Echo.

SECOND PLACE, $50: 3.27 pounds, 19 inches; Ron Cyr Jr., Tacoma.


FIRST PLACE, $75: 4.35 pounds, 181⁄2 inches; Thomas Merrill, Cobbossee.

SECOND PLACE, $50: 2.26 pounds,161⁄2 inches; Sam Seekins, Great Pond.


FIRST PLACE, $75: 4.51 pounds, 261⁄2 inches; Chris Donnell, Annabessacook.

SECOND PLACE, $50: 4.47 pounds, 25 inches; Ross Liberty, Messalonskee.


FIRST PLACE, $75: 2.17 pounds, 18 inches; Jarrett Cote, Wyman.

SECOND PLACE, $50: 2.60 pounds, 18 inches; Gary Cote, Wyman.


FIRST PLACE, $75: 3.70 pounds, 231⁄2 inches; Jacob Doyon, Chamberlain.

SECOND PLACE, $50: 3.59 pounds,221⁄2 inches; Jay Yeaton, Chamberlain.

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