ALFRED — Rennie Cassimy, who pleaded guilty earlier this year to conspiracy for his role in the murder of Winston George in Old Orchard Beach two years ago, was sentenced to eight years in prison this morning.

York County Superior Court Justice G. Arthur Brennan agreed to the terms of a plea deal between the state and Cassimy for the eight-year sentence in exchange for Cassimy’s testimony against the two other defendants in the case. Winston George’s wife, Darlene George, and her brother, Jeffrey Williams, were both convicted of murder and conspiracy last Friday.

Cassimy took part in the purported invasion of Wintston George’s home on June 20, 2008, but did not actively participate in the killing. Brennan told Cassimy that he was equally responsible for George’s death. He also said that he didn’t believe Cassimy “fully appreciated the degree of responsibility” he had.

Darlene George had contended that three men broke into her home and ambushed her and her 13-year-old son. She told police that the men tied her and her son up and attacked her husband when he returned home from work. George’s body was found in the basement of the home, strangled with a rope and suffocated with a plastic bag.

Cassimy could be released in 4-1/2 to 5 years with good behavior, said his attorney Cliff Strike. He likely will be deported to his native Trinidad and Tobago on his release.