Get amped for a totally rad experience when “The Awesome ’80s Prom” returns to Jimmy the Greek’s Restaurant in Old Orchard Beach.

Not only does this theatrical performance transport the audience to the gnarly year of 1989, it allows everyone to be part of the action.

“The actors will come up and talk to the audience members,” said John Bryson of New Edge Entertainment, who is directing and producing the performance.

Written by Ken Davenport, the interactive production debuted off-Broadway in New York in 2004 and has played around the country since then.

As Bryson implied, the action is not limited to the stage. Scenes take place at the bar, in the parking lot and in the women’s bathroom, which means no matter where you go, you’ll find yourself surrounded by teenage drama.

The story centers around the students at Wannaget High (pronounced just the way you think) during their senior prom. All hope to be voted prom king and queen, and will be lobbying the audience for votes.


“There’s a lot happening,” Bryson said. “There are references to ‘Breakfast Club,’ ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ and ’16 Candles.’ “

Many of the characters spoof roles from these classic ’80s flicks and the decade’s favorite sitcoms, such as class president Michael Jay (played by Brian Andrews), rebel Nick Fender (played by Brandon Pullen) and cheerleaders/Heathers (played by Abbey Greslick and Britney Perkins).

“Whitley, the captain of the cheerleaders, may be complaining to her friends the Heathers that Blake, the captain of the football team, is flirting with someone,” Bryson said of actress Tera Cooley, who plays Whitley Whitaker. “Watch out if Whitley sees Blake flirting with you.”

Abbey Worthing, a theater major at USM, plays Missy Martin, the uptight head of the prom committee. Worthing, 20, wasn’t born until after the ’80s, but has enjoyed immersing herself in the era’s music and fashion.

“It gives me a lot of room to go completely over the top,” she said. “John told me to think Reese Witherspoon in ‘Election.’ “

Expect her to approach audience members and ask them to sign her purity pledge or, in a nod to the decade’s drug-soaked ways, invite them to her Just Say No party.


Worthing’s character tries so hard to make sure everyone has a good time that, after the show ends, she admits her “face hurts from all the smiling I do.”

Don’t forget to wear your Vans, your Members Only jacket, your parachute pants or your poofy prom dress. That way, you’ll fit right in with this group of preppies, wannabes, Valley Girls, nerds and Clydesdales at the party that’s guaranteed to leave you feeling totally rad.

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