The Saco City Council wants to meet with the former chief executive officer of the bankrupt company that sold the city a wind turbine before deciding what to do about the structure.

The wind turbine, which cost $207,000, including $62,000 for the installation, went into operation in February 2008 and was supposed to generate 90,000 kilowatt hours or $12,600 worth of electricity annually for 10 years. But it never came close to generating that amount. Then several months ago the turbine broke.

The council Monday night decided to meet with James Heath, the former head of Entegrity Wind Systems, the firm that sold the system to the city. Heath at one point had offered to buy the turbine back for $130,000. The council will also study whether repairing the turbine is feasible before making a decision.

Mayor Ron Michaud said the council hopes to meet with Heath to discuss his offer next month but a date has yet to be scheduled.