Website touts usefulness of Scotch Tough Duct Tape

When something breaks in the yard or around the house, it’s always nice to grab an easy fix.

So you might love these claims from Scotch Tough Duct Tape. The company says its tape can:

Repair stuff quickly. Secure sagging gutters, seal cracked pipes and repair broken shutters because it holds strong to a variety of materials and surfaces, including brick, concrete and stucco, without any damage to the materials.

Store stuff securely. Wrap the tape around hoses, electrical cords and roping to store them in a compact way — and safely out of danger of you or anyone else tripping over them. When you need to use the item, the tape removes easily.

Weatherproof stuff easily. Seal doors and windows against wind, rain or cold and remove as needed, without leaving a sticky mess.

The tape is weather- and moisture-proof and UV-resistant.

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‘Carpet’ of burlap bags controls weeds in garden

Karen Moninger of Kansas City, Mo., took a more natural approach to weed control in her organic garden this season by laying a “carpet” of burlap bags between the planting rows. The bags, which were originally used to ship coffee beans, inhibit weeds, reduce the need for watering and provide a unique walkway between rows.

The previous year, Karen, along with her husband, James, had tried plastic sheeting. “They didn’t absorb water, they were slippery to walk on, would fill with mud, pool with water, and at the end of the season we had all of this plastic. What do you do with that?”

The goal of greener weed control led them to experiment with burlap. Burlap is a woven cloth usually made from jute or hemp, making the bags completely biodegradable. Simply mix garden debris with some leaves, then cover with the burlap. spring, the composted pile is ready for the new planting season.

The walkways are made by folding over the burlap bags to create four layers, which are then overlapped down the rows. The bags typically avert weeds the whole season — saving the Moningers time and money.