NEW YORK – Lindsay Lohan’s mom says the 24-year-old actress will be moving away from California and back to New York after she gets out of drug rehabilitation.

Dina Lohan, during an often tense interview with NBC “Today” show co-host Matt Lauer on Friday, said her daughter was doing “wonderfully” after 14 days in jail and lashed out at California Superior Court Judge Marsha Revel, who put the actress there.

“She’s great,” Lohan said. “She’s been through a lot. The judge played hardball. Lindsay was in with alleged murderers, and she’s become friends with a lot of them. Lindsay rolled with the punches, and she’s doing wonderfully.”

Lindsay Lohan served 14 days of a 90-day jail term for violating her probation in a 2007 drug case. She was sent to a UCLA drug rehab facility and her mother said she would be out soon.

Revel removed herself from Lohan’s case earlier this week after a prosecutor complained that she improperly contacted experts or participants in the case.

Lauer prodded Lohan, noting that some observers thought the actress had this coming to her because of bad behavior.

“I think that’s all propaganda and what people are reading,” she told him. “As you know, you’re in the business of entertainment, so I think a lot of it is pre-orchestrated and you’re reading things that are not based on fact.”

Lauer also asked her about a belief that her daughter was not well-served by those around her, including her parents.

“As a parent, you have to let her go a little bit,” she said. “When she went out to Los Angeles when she was 19, I had to let her go and let her live and fall and fail and survive. Without failure, there’s no success. I was there in close proximity, but you can’t make your child not go out and go to a club and not get behind the wheel of a car. I certainly don’t condone any of that behavior.”

“They’re gonna do what they’re gonna do when they turn 18, 19,” Lohan said. “… And you kind of lose a little power and control, which you want to do for your child. You want to let them go. Without failure, there’s no success.”

Said Lauer: “You’re confident she’ll come through it?”

“She’s already through it,” Lohan said.

Michael Lohan said in an interview Friday on CBS’ “The Early Show” that his ex-wife should be out of their daughter’s career “and I shouldn’t be any part of her career. I never was. I never was a manager or anything.”

“I tried to do my best as a father. I made my mistakes. I wound up in jail. … Lindsay certainly paid a price for that,” he said. “… But it’s time to put everything aside. I thought Dina did that. But, obviously, you know, we have some work to do ourselves on this.”

Dina Lohan said she had put her daughter in drug rehab the first time, and argued with Lauer over how many times Lindsay had been in drug treatment.

She said her daughter’s life has been under a microscope because of tabloid interest.

“You can’t blame it all on the tabloids,” Lauer said. “She’s made some wrong decisions.”

Lohan said Lindsay will be coming to New York. California is “a wonderful state,” she said, but “it’s a different game you play there, the court system is a little different.”

O’Neal finishes drug program

LOS ANGELES – Redmond O’Neal, the son of the late Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O’Neal, has successfully completed a drug diversion program.

O’Neal’s graduation from the treatment program Thursday led to the dismissal of two felony drug-related cases, district attorney spokeswoman Jane Robison said.

The 25-year-old will remain on probation for another two years for a case in which he brought drugs to a jail facility.

The younger O’Neal has remained out of trouble since he was jailed for a probation violation in January.

Among the charges dismissed Thursday was a case filed after police found drugs at Ryan O’Neal’s home in 2008 while his son was on probation.

Rapper pleads guilty in pot case

CHALMETTE, La. – New Orleans rapper Juvenile has pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor marijuana possession charge in Louisiana.

The St. Bernard Parish sheriff’s office said the 34-year-old, whose real name is Terius Gray, entered the plea Thursday. The rapper and an acquaintance were arrested Feb. 25.

He received a suspended sentence of three months in jail and must serve six months probation and pay a $250 fine and court costs.

Juvenile, best known for the song “Back That Thing Up,” has been arrested at least four times on charges ranging from failure to pay child support to resisting an officer at a Florida mall in 1999. Most of the charges have been dismissed.

Complications force return to hospital

LOS ANGELES – Zsa Zsa Gabor’s publicist says the actress is being returned to a hospital because of complications in her recuperation from a broken hip.

Publicist John Blanchette said that an ambulance was at Gabor’s home Friday to take her to an emergency room.

Blanchette said that he does not know the nature of the complications.

The 93-year-old actress broke her hip July 17 and was sent home from the UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center on Wednesday.

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