Falmouth should not be undertaking any expansion of its town facilities. Even if the future population of Falmouth increases significantly, we can manage our town affairs with little extra expense by using modern technology and saying no to further unnecessary expansions in the roll of government.

In addition to the extra fees and taxes, I disagree with the notion that somehow we will all be better off with more services provided by the town or its related institutions. I believe that just the opposite is true.

I don’t doubt that the assembled team of experts is supportive of new public building projects. But when the dust settles the rest of us will have to pay their fees, the building costs and the operating costs needed to maintain the larger facilities.

Let’s sell the school properties and bank the proceeds, solicit bids for truly needed library expansions at the present location, and get a local contractor to fix up Town Hall. If the Town Hall is too small, then let’s trim the staff and services to fit what we have. We don’t need a community center at any price. The citizens of this town have been leading their own private lives for hundreds of years very satisfactorily.

Much of the world, certainly including the United States and Maine, is financially sick from financing an overactive public sector. It’s time to say no.

Brad Burns