On Saturday, we’ll all have the chance to get rare glimpses inside two dozen of Maine’s famous lighthouses during the second annual Open Lighthouse Day.

But one lighthouse is missing from the list: Ram Island Ledge Light off Cape Elizabeth, which was recently sold at auction for an eye-popping $190,000 after an intense weeks-long bidding war.

The purchaser, a neurosurgeon from Windham, has not said what he plans on doing with the near-inaccessible lighthouse, but I have a few suggestions:

1. Make it the location for the next episode of “Survivor.” Enough with “roughing it” in tropical locales. Give contestants a Maine winter on an isolated island and see how tough they really are.

2. Have a contest to paint the lighthouse, and, in keeping with recent Portland public art projects, overlook talented Maine artists and award the commission to someone from out of the state or the country.

3. Let gubernatorial candidates use the address for a homestead exemption.

4. Retrofit the light with a bat-signal.

5. Three words: Quasimodo training facility.

6. Put all the Portland City Councilors in the lighthouse and don’t let them leave until they make nice with each other.

7. Fill it with glow-sticks to scare people on Halloween.

8. Make it a romantic getaway for couples in an attempt to raise Portland’s ranking in the “Hotbeds of Sex” listing by Men’s Health magazine. (See poll question, this page.)

9. Fill it with marbles and let people guess how many are in it for $1 a pop in exchange for a share in the ownership. (The doctor’s got to make his money back somehow.)

10. Put it back on the auction block and let the fun start all over again.


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