Fall is all about change, in the temperature, in the colors of the leaves and even in home decor. HomeGoods representative Phil Tracey highlights the popular fall trends and offers easy ways to decorate the home on a budget.


The first trend Tracey noted was that of bright colors, especially deep reds and purples. While fall is a season generally noted for its subdued and darker tones, Tracey said he welcomed these new brighter hues, which serve as complements to their darker partners.

In addition to brighter colors, Tracey said home decorators would see a lot of pop art inspiration.

“It’s again bright colors, not just purple, blue or red,” Tracey said. “But pop art happy is more those vibrant yellows and reds.”

Fitting in with those colors are brightly colored picture frames ($4.99-$5.99) and decorative purple glass bowls ($14.99) at HomeGoods (www.homegoods.com for locations).


Continuing the colorful trends for fall, Tracey said another big theme will be folk-inspired. While traditional folk styles bring to mind animals, bright patterns and perhaps even lace, what differentiates this folk trend from others is its focus on detailing.

Tracey said to focus on using folk inspiration in pillows like crewel floral pillows ($24.99-$29.99), candle pillars ($14.99-$24.99) and accessories that make a room unique, like faux leather banks ($8.99) that can also serve as decorations on a shelf.

“It’s like a folk revival,” Tracey said.


The last trend Tracey mentioned was retro-inspired. While this retro look does not pull from any decade in particular, it takes inspiration from many the ’50s, ’60s, ’70s and ’80s, according to Tracey. Items like metallic mosaic serving trays ($19.99) and floral plate ($4.99) are on point.

One trend Tracey mentioned within the retro-inspired look is that of lettering. He recalled the large M on Mary Tyler Moore’s kitchen wall and said home decorators will see more of this lettering to personalize homes.


For those on a budget, Tracey suggests focusing on the most important item in the room. Tracey said comforters and quilts were the way to go for the bedroom, as people’s eyes go to the bed first.

For the living room, Tracey said pillows, lamps and rugs might be the best cost-effective solution.

“Pillows can turn a drab couch all the way around,” Tracey said.