Although I have always voted Democrat, I am voting for Fred Horch, Green Independent candidate, for state representative on Nov. 2. His deep commitment to Brunswick as a small business owner and as the parent of three young kids in our schools, plus his understanding of the issues as a former lawyer, have convinced me to vote outside my registered party for the first time.

Fred’s campaign is organized, serious and gaining momentum. I do not see voting for Fred as “splitting the vote.” Instead, it is voting for the strongest candidate. According to the Town clerk, 39 percent of registered voters in District 66 are Green or unenrolled, compared to only 38 percent Democrat and just 23 percent Republican. It is clear that many Democrats support Fred, and he has the best chance of any candidate of winning the vote of Greens and independents.

Fred is no spoiler. Instead, his campaign is bringing our community together by drawing support across traditional party lines. His long-term vision for Brunswick, as well as his engagement with the day-to-day issues that a business owner and parent face, have earned the vote of this life-long Democrat.

Dana Bateman